Month: January 2020

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Stress Management Techniques

Everyone occasionally experiences stress during their lifetime. Stress is a normal reaction to some demands on your life. Occasional stress that lasts for a short period is normal. Some people handle stress and go on to experience everyday feelings and experiences. Other individuals experience significant stress and do not know how to handle the stress …

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College Drug Addiction: What Should You Know?

College drug addiction is on the rise, according to data collected on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The survey found that in one year, more than nine million full-time college students might drink alcohol, often binge drinking it at parties. Many also use marijuana daily, as well as abusing stimulant drugs like …

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Have You Asked Am I an Alcoholic?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, am I an alcoholic? Addictions, like alcoholism, isn’t always as obvious as it is portrayed on television or in the movies. Not everyone suffering from alcoholism lives in a homeless camp, or under a bridge, in fact, many of them likely works alongside you every day. Granted, many …

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Do I Have Lifeskills?

You may have heard someone mention life skills training and wonder to yourself, “Do I have lifeskills?”  As we grow and reach milestones throughout life, we gain many skills. These can be as simple as knowing how to cook a traditional meal, going on a job interview, or handling a bank account. For most people, …

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Why Addicted Individuals Show Signs of Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness (SMI) that commonly occurs alongside substance use disorder (SUD) or addiction. A substance use disorder involves dependence on alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Individuals battling a depressive disorder feel hopeless and may exhibit other signs of depression. Fortunately, a dual diagnosis treatment center …

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What is Dialectal Behavior Therapy?

What is dialectical behavior therapy? Also known as DBT, it originally emerged from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Both DBT and CBT shape thought and behavior for the better. As evidence-based therapies, DBT and CBT show positive and beneficial outcomes. What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy Meant to Treat? DBT treats any type of mood or thought …

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