Trauma responses in relationships

Trauma Responses in Relationships

You don’t have to be a mental health professional to know trust issues, anxiety, insecurity, shame and disassociation are bad for relationships. If these same patterns of behavior, however, are common for an individual dealing with a past traumatic event or series of events, how does someone navigate trauma recovery and relationships? In some surprisingly …

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a family benefits from attending al anon

Why Parents Should Consider Going to Al-Anon

There are three simple, common-sense reasons parents should consider going to Al-Anon when a child is experiencing a substance use disorder: Education, healthy boundaries, and self-care.Attending Al-Anon actually improves your child’s chances of seeking treatment and remaining in recovery. Substance use disorders are medical conditions impacting the entire family. When one family seeks treatment, either …

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Man holding woman representing different attachment styles

Is Your Attachment Style Damaging Your Love Life?

What’s Important to Know About Attachment Styles?“How do you overcome an insecure attachment style?”“Does your attachment style impact your sex life?”“Is it possible to have a committed relationship with an avoidant attachment style?”These are a few of the stories sweeping the web. So, what is an attachment style? And, does your attachment style really have …

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