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Customizing Your Recovery with Holistic Addiction Treatment

Everyone battling addiction has a different story, and no two people experience the same underlying causes behind addiction. Some use drugs or alcohol because they don’t have the skills to deal with family conflict or work stressors. Others try to self-medicate their coexisting mental disorders, leading to addiction. Even when two people share an addiction to the same substance, tolerance levels, health complications, and other individual factors result in a different set of challenges. With the many “cookie cutter” methodologies often used to treat substance addiction and abuse, the client is required to change in order to accommodate the treatment. The best drug rehab centers assume the opposite: treatment should match your needs.

Individualized Therapy

Exploring the underlying issues that have caused or triggered addiction is the key. Only when you can identify these can you take action to address them. This involves learning alternative methods for dealing with stress, anger, or depression. Individual therapy sessions provide a safe, secure environment in which you can explore these. Therapy is also essential to addressing dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis refers to an addiction that is present along with a mental disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. For successful addiction treatment, the mental disorder also requires treatment so its effects don’t encourage further substance abuse.

Strengthen the Mind, Body, and Spirit

You need more than just therapy for successful addiction recovery. Your body may need time to recover from the ravages of drug or alcohol abuse. You may have difficulty experiencing pleasure without the artificial, but powerful, effect of drugs on the brain. You may also feel spiritually exhausted and need time to recover a sense of self-worth and self-forgiving. Activities and therapies that leave one person feeling refreshed and revitalized may not have the same effect on another. At The Ranch PA, we understand holistic addiction treatment needs to be designed based on your individual interests, goals, and challenges. That is why we offer a variety of choices. Perhaps you enjoy music or art, in which case we offer art and music therapy. If physical activity invigorates you, basketball, canoeing, or tennis may help you recover physically and mentally. For those needing more spiritual pursuits, tai chi, and meditation are offered. These are just a few examples of the many different therapies, activities, and treatments offered that can be a part of your individualized treatment plan. Relearning how to make healthy decisions based on your physical, mental, and spiritual preferences is a large part of the recovery process. Instead of a single road to recovery, The Ranch PA helps you chart your own course. (Photo via)

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