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Recover and Relax at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Living with addiction is stressful. Taking your first steps to recovery is hard work. Selecting the right place for treatment may be the difference between sobriety and continued addiction. The Ranch PA understands the need for a complete change of environment. Our alcohol rehab center provides a change of pace, where clients are in a comfortable environment to heal minds, bodies, and souls.

The Ranch PA’s drug rehab center offers many amenities to ensure client needs to met. Your treatment takes place at a secluded location, away from the stressors of everyday life. Surrounded by rolling hills, The Ranch PA provides room to walk and plenty of space to work through your issues with addiction. Your physical health is as important to The Ranch PA as your sobriety. An onsite physical fitness center and swimming pool allow clients to begin or maintain workouts. Clients begin to connect the mind and body through meditation. A personal fitness trainer is available to aid you in your fitness goals. We provide the services and facilities to maintain your lifestyle so you can focus on treatment in a comfortable setting. Extras like a salon, sauna, and gourmet kitchen provide clients extra options for relaxation during the time between sobriety education and therapy.

A business center and wireless internet keeps professionals in touch with their career. No matter what the environment, successfully completing drug or alcohol rehabilitation is no easy task. A client works on their tailored addiction treatment plan each day. Free time is spent processing issues and developing new healthy habits. Whether walking on the beautiful grounds, relaxing in the sunroom, or making music in our recording studios, you find comfort, support, and the treatment you need at The Ranch PA. Photo: The Ranch PA

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