The Impact of Alcohol in the Movies

Does seeing alcohol consumption in the movies trigger adolescents to try alcohol or consume more than they would normally otherwise? A recent report published in the journal Pediatrics believes so. It states that 15-year-olds who watched a higher amount of alcohol consumption in films are influenced by what they see.

3 Things Rehab Isn’t

If drug or alcohol use is starting to complicate your life, you may be ready to consider whether inpatient rehab is right for you. What should you expect when you check yourself in for help with an addiction? To better understand what rehab is, here’s a look at what it isn’t:

Alcohol Addiction Therapy and Rehabilitation

Alcohol is a widely-available, legal, and dangerously addictive drug that acts as a depressant and negatively affects every organ in the body. Although some people can consume alcohol safely and in small amounts, many become trapped in a devastating spiral of addiction before they even know they are the victims of substance abuse. Those who…