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Drug Rehab Facilities with Set Program Durations can Impede your Recovery

If you’re thinking about rehab, you’re taking the first step to getting your life back. You know you aren’t living your best life, and drug rehab facilities can help. However, it’s crucial to choose the right program for you. One of the first questions a recovering addict wants to know is how long they will be in treatment. Some drug rehab facilities will provide you with a set of time, many say 30 days, while others say 21 days is long enough. At The Ranch PA, we’re different.

Your Time in Recovery is as Unique as your Addiction

Each client that walks through the doors of our treatment center is unique. They’ve had personal challenges and struggles only they understand. Their addiction is far reaching, anchored by deep-seated emotional and psychological issues. No two clients come to The Ranch PA with the same underlying issues that have triggered or caused their addiction. When you arrive, you’ll work one-on-one with your therapists and psychiatrist to gain a greater understanding of your addiction and those underlying issues. Once we have established your goals, we’ll have a better idea of the best length of inpatient rehab for you. That’s why we’ll always work with you to determine your best program length which can be adjusted once you arrive and have a better understanding of the challenges ahead.

The Dangers of Time Expectations

Putting a time limit on your recovery can be counterproductive. When you hear that it will take 21 days to get sober, you expect to be a different person at that 21 day mark, and rightly so. However, the definition of “sober” is far-reaching. And while you may be healthier, you may not come as far as you’ve hoped in 21 days. The result of this potential failed goal is a more likely chance of relapse. At The Ranch PA, we look at your recovery as a lifelong process. You come to us to understand your addiction, bring to light the underlying issues triggering or causing it, and gain the tools you need to choose sobriety. When you leave our treatment facility, you don’t leave it alone. Your aftercare coordinator and therapist will work with you to continue your treatment. Living your best life isn’t reaching a destination in a certain number of days; it’s about the journey. (photo via)

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