Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to changes in diet and deficiencies in nutrition. Furthermore, ongoing drug use can deplete your body of essential vitamins and minerals. The Ranch Pennsylvania offers a nutrition therapy program to educate you on the importance of a healthy diet and how it can help you sustain your recovery.

Our nutrition therapy treatment center in Wrightsville, PA, provides a variety of resources, diet programs, and a full facility where you can cook and eat healthily. Nutrition therapy is part of your addiction treatment plan that includes both evidence-based therapy and holistic therapy.

Nutrition Therapy: The Path to Restoring Your Health

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Addiction affects your diet’s appetite, causing it to suppress. You may have no desire to eat healthy food. Likewise, some drugs may stimulate your appetite and cause you to become overweight. Nutrition therapy for addiction reverses the adverse effects of addiction in several ways, including: 

  • Replenishing your body with a balanced diet
  • Promoting nourishment from all the essential food groups
  • Helping you to limit your portions to put you at the right weight
  • Providing healing to parts of your body that addiction may have damaged
  • Boosting your immune system, helping you fight illness

Our nutrition therapy program also aids in fighting gastrointestinal disorders that are associated with alcohol or drug addiction. We can help you restores your blood sugar levels, which can lower substantially as a result of substance abuse.

Nutrition and Exercise

Proper dieting and exercise go hand-in-hand. Recovery Ranch also offers fitness therapy, which is also a holistic approach to recovery. When you eat right and exercise, you will be in a better mood, look better, and have more energy. We use fitness as a way to motivate you to get clean and stay clean.

Exercise helps alleviate cravings and lowers your risk of relapse. At The Ranch Pennsylvania, nutrition and fitness coaches can get you on a regimented plan that develops into a daily routine. Once you stay on a routine for several weeks, you will crave exercise, and you will be motivated to stay healthy.

How Does a Nutrition Therapy Program Work?

We approach nutrition therapy the same way we approach primary therapy. We assess your current medical condition and give you a full physical. Once we determine your nutrition levels and overall health, we can develop a personalized nutrition plan that works for you. 

We offer several different paths to fitness, including:

  • Putting together a weekly diet schedule to keep you on track
  • Getting you set up on a progressive fitness program one step at a time
  • Provide vitamins and supplements as needed
  • Monitor your sugar intake – you may crave sugar as a replacement for drugs or alcohol
  • Encourage you to avoid processed food filled with unhealthy fats

We also teach you about complex carbs, protein and fiber, the benefits of drinking more water, and eating regularly. The right diet will curb your cravings and help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms as they slowly fade. Furthermore, we offer a variety of treatment programs that when used with nutrition therapy, promote addiction recovery including:

Start With Our Nutrition Therapy Program

If you are committed to overcoming your addiction and improving your quality of life, we can help. The Ranch Pennsylvania offers comprehensive care for addiction at our nutrition therapy treatment center in Wrightsville, PA. To find out more about our nutrition therapy program and other addiction treatment programs, contact us at 717.969.9126. Addiction doesn’t have to control you. Take back control of your life today and overcome your addiction.