About Recovery Ranch

What about The Ranch PA sets us apart from other treatment centers? We specialize in helping people who have fallen victim to their past find their way to a better future. We treat individuals with compulsive behaviors, addictions, and mental disorders. In doing so, we guide them towards living a happier, healthier life. Here is some more information on our treatment philosophy and recovery goals for our clients.

Our Mission

We believe everyone has the opportunity to be the hero of their own story. At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we commit to providing authentic addiction and mental health treatment helping individuals find acceptance in their recovery journey.

Our Vision

Our staff is accepting of individuals coming from all stages of life in their disease. Because we know through challenge there is transformation, we commit to opening the door to the power of recovery alongside you.​

Our Philosophy

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At The Ranch, we believe talking about change is the first step in the journey towards recovery. Then we develop a personalized treatment plan alongside therapies and activities. Recovery is a learning process happening to the entire person. Thus beginning the transformation process. We allow our clients experience and get suited to the lifestyle of health and happiness while learning how to maintain recovery.

Developing behaviors takes time, practice, and dedication. You did not establish your current wanted behaviors overnight, nor without supporting actions. Therefore, we believe it takes the integration of the entire person into a recovery program for it to work. We believe our mental health programs alongside our therapy programs promote a full continuum of care for lasting recovery.

The Ranch Believes:

  • Treat people as a whole
  • No two people are the same
  • People often do bad things and don’t realize it because of their past
  • People can heal given the proper care
  • Anyone can receive help if they desire

What About The Ranch PA Sets It Apart?

At The Ranch PA, our mental health and addiction treatment programs take a full mind and body approach. As unique as your battle with behavioral health is, you need a treatment plan personalized to your specific modality. Because each individual deserves care and individualized treatment, our addiction treatment and mental health programs have industry-leading specialists. The institution is located right off the Susquehanna River next to the rolling plains of the Highpoint Scenic Vista offering our clients the premier atmosphere to get away and focus on recovery.

The Ranch PA not only has specialists offering industry-leading treatment but also a state of the art luxury facility.  Therefore, clients have a chance to escape in a place of safety, serenity, and lavishness. It’s here where you can focus on yourself and recovery. Also, you can take part in our award-winning therapy programs and therapeutic activities like holistic therapy and ropes courses. At the Recovery Ranch, we lead our clients through the battle of addiction and mental health. For instance, we provide industry-leading behavioral health programs, addiction treatment, and process addiction treatment. The experts at Recovery Ranch give you the time, support, and environment to reach lasting recovery.

The Ranch PA Offers

  • An environment that nurtures healing and self-discovery
  • Personalized care that respects individuality
  • Holistic treatment that addresses the whole person
  • Skilled, passionate professionals as guides

How The Ranch PA Follows Through

The Ranch PA integrates different therapy techniques to help clients reach self-fulfillment and recovery independence. Our clients then sustainably move on to the next step of their lives. We use specialized treatments such as dual diagnosis programs, psychodrama, mindfulness, and adventure therapy to get clients and their families to address deep emotional wounds.

After our program, clients will have a relapse prevention plan. Also, they’ll have a deeper understanding of how addiction takes hold and can be avoided. We guide clients through change and teach them to better cope with things like past trauma, grief, and loss, or attachment wounds. Since we address these underlying issues, our clients discover they have not only recovered their emotional well-being but also a sense of spiritual meaning, purpose, belonging and personal fulfillment that transforms their entire lives. Give us a call today at 717.969.9126 and learn more about The Ranch PA.

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