The Ranch at Pennsylvania offers partnerships both to refer clients out and for client referrals into our facility. With people seeking addiction treatment for a client from all over the country, it’s necessary for them to have a clinical professional to turn to for aftercare. We’re also willing to accept referrals from across the nation to our treatment facility.

Why Clients Love Our Facility

There’s a reason why we get clients from the entire country. Professionals believe in our addiction treatment programs and therapy methods getting results. We also promise to keep you in constant communication. We provide weekly updates on your clients. The staff also allows you to speak with them so you can be sure they’re getting the care they need. When they leave, they have a discharge plan so you can pick up their aftercare.

Intake and Insurance Verification

We work with both you and your client to make sure that we’re the facility that’ll give them the best treatment. Our intake assessment takes into consideration any specialized issues that your client may have. If we can’t take them for some reason, we’ll work with you both to find the treatment facility that gives your client the best path toward recovery.

We also cover a wide range of insurance coverage and partners. We’ll check your client’s insurance, letting you know which programs are covered so we can all make sure they’re a good fit for the client.

Find Addiction Treatment For Your Client at The Ranch at Pennsylvania Today

Create a partnership with The Ranch at Pennsylvania. Refer your client or contact us about being a resource partner today at 717.969.9126.