pensive man considering depression treatment during coronavirus quarantine

Depression Treatment During COVID-19 Pandemic

Depression Treatment During COVID-19 As the stock market dropped to extreme lows recently and the outbreak of COVID-19 intensified, people in the United States began panicking. With already over 275,000 cases worldwide and more than 11,000 deaths, many governors and leaders are requesting that people only go out for essential items. Restaurants are closing their…

woman laying on a couch thinking about the dangers of substance abuse

The Real Dangers of Substance Abuse

We knew well before the information age about the dangers of substance abuse. It isn’t a new concern but it is one that we have learned more about over the years. It is also a concern that has grown considerably more dangerous as more drugs now flood the market, the streets, and the country than…

group in therapy at drug and alcohol detox centers

A Drug and Alcohol Detox Center is the Key to Recovery

Fear of the painful, uncomfortable, and sometimes risky symptoms of withdrawal can keep some people from seeking treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders. While it’s possible to stop using drugs and alcohol without a drug and alcohol treatment center, the DIY method can make withdrawal riskier and more complicated than it is with help. A…

woman sitting on couch Staying sober during Coronavirus

Decision Made – Staying Sober During The COVID-19 Outbreak

A wise quarantine resolution–stay sober. Yet it may be challenging to keep this promise to yourself. However, staying sober during coronavirus can be difficult especially if you’re someone in recovery or fresh out of treatment. You’ve made your decision to quit using drugs or abusing alcohol. You’ve made your decision to take control of your…

couple on couch quarantined with an alcoholic spouse

Have You Found Yourself Quarantined With An Alcoholic Spouse?

Problems are easily hidden during quarantine. Being home during quarantine with an alcoholic spouse is not easy. You may not have noticed your spouse was an alcoholic, or you avoided the truth. Now, you cannot avoid your spouse’s alcoholism. You have no distractions, and this unique situation continues to bring you in direct contact with…