Our behavioral health center offers clients with transparency to our programs and results because we know we contain the starting ground to your recovery and the programs for lasting independence. Our behavioral health admission specialists understand the process and individualized treatment each client will need and can provide you with the information and reassurance that our recovery center has the treatment options for a lasting and fulfilling process during treatment. As leaders in recovery, we make sure our clients are treated with respect and exuberance. In doing so, we also lead them through the best treatment options that suit their personal interests.


Young therapist smiles at The Ranch PAOur admissions process is painless and inclusive. As behavioral health specialists, our job is to understand your needs. We strive to work alongside you to provide a treatment plan that meets your goals for recovery. The plan must also aim to support post-treatment independence. Our intake counselors care about you and your personal attributes as well as individual needs, so they can be properly catered to. They will also provide you with any answers to your questions and can give you more information on our treatment options and programs.

Our treatment specialties include the following:

As leaders in the addiction and behavioral health industry, our programs will prepare you for lasting sobriety and mental health.

Rehab and Mental Health Admissions Process

Our Process starts with a phone call with one of our behavioral health admissions specialists where we will understand the specifics of what you are seeking treatment for. For the intake process individuals should have an understanding of the problem they are facing, do they have the ability to pay (we work with many insurance providers see here), and what time works best for them. Identifying the right program for you depends on your openness so that our specialists can do there best to offer the personalized treatment plan specific to your needs.

What Comes Next

Once you arrive at The Ranch, you will go through the intake process. During this time:

  • You will be welcomed to the home of your recovery
  • Go through our admissions guide
  • You are given the tools and expectations for success
  • We will review the rules and give you a tour
  • We will answer any remaining questions you may have

Once you go through all of this, you will have a chance to put your things in your room and prepare to meet everyone. You will meet your primary counselor and the people that will be in the program closest to yours, and you will get started on your journey to recovery.

As you can see, the rehab admissions process is easy and tailored to fit your specific needs. It is just a simple phone call. Just know that you are always welcome at The Ranch, we are open to all people that need help, and we accept you. Give us a call at 717.969.9126.

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