Residential Treatment Program

Two people talking at a residential treatment programResidential treatment is a common intervention for severe addiction. A residential treatment program offers live-in support and programming for those who require recovery from addiction. Often, residential treatment programs last 30 days, though they can extend for multiple months depending on an individual’s needs. Critical components of a residential treatment program include medically-supervised detox, numerous therapy options in both individual and group settings, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), 12-step programming or related support groups, and aftercare planning. Learn more about the addiction treatment programs offered at Recovery Ranch PA by calling 717.969.9126, including our residential treatment program in PA.

The Importance of Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is one of the best ways to achieve long-term recovery. This is significant due to the high level of care and support people receive during a round of residential treatment. Some vital benefits of attending residential treatment include the following:

  • Hands-on, 24/7 support in times of crisis or anxiety
  • Medical supervision during withdrawal
  • A team of medical professionals who will work hard to make sure you succeed
  • Opportunities for connection and relationship-building with peers in recovery
  • Chances to learn and practice coping skills without distractions or addiction triggers

During this treatment, you will also learn how to identify and cope with triggers, manage negative emotions without turning to drug use, and develop interpersonal skills. Perhaps above all, you will be equipped to avoid relapse.

How a Residential Treatment Program Works

What can you expect from a residential treatment program? The first step is a comprehensive medical assessment. An expert recovery team will review your medical history, investigate your current needs, and build an individualized treatment plan.

This treatment plan will include daily medical oversight, ongoing therapy, and educational support so that you understand your addiction and what role you can play in overcoming it. Each day in a residential treatment program is highly-structured. You will attend therapy regularly, eat meals at set times with others in recovery, and attend activities that bolster the treatment process.

Many people find sanctuary in being removed from the daily grind and being able to focus solely on meeting their recovery goals. At the same time, it can be challenging for some to be entirely removed from their daily lives. To combat this, residential treatment programs offer multiple avenues for families to get involved during treatment to stay connected to loved ones.

What Comes After Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment does not last forever. As mentioned earlier, most programs last for 30 days, with some extending to 60 or 90. But you will mostly be in this treatment for a few months. So, what comes after you complete residential treatment? The period following formal treatment is called aftercare. This is a form of extended care wherein you will stay in touch with your treatment provider and access services to aid in long-term recovery.

Another option following residential treatment is to enter a step-down form of treatment like outpatient addiction rehab. Outpatient services are like residential except that people receive less treatment each week and can live at home while receiving treatment. People in outpatient treatment may only attend a couple of hours of therapy each week in addition to a support group. Stepping down from residential to outpatient treatment helps people navigate those problematic transitional days as they regain independence and learn to live on their own again.

Find a Residential Treatment Program at Recovery Ranch PA

Are you looking for a high-quality residential treatment option in PA? Recovery Ranch PA is a leading provider of addiction recovery services. We lead with compassion and treat each client according to their unique needs. Discover what it is like to access high-quality care and treatment by contacting Recovery Ranch PA today at 717.969.9126.

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