Evidence Based Therapy Program

People often attempt quitting drugs on their own cold turkey. However, the withdrawal symptoms of drugs can be extremely dangerous, and can even cause death, if not managed in a professional environment. Admission into a drug and alcohol detox center in Wrightsville, Pa is the first step towards overcoming your drug addiction. Evidence-Based Therapy provides you with the tools to stay sober.

What is an Evidence-Based Therapy Program?

mean and woman at evidence based therapy programAn evidence-based therapy program is one that uses scientific methods to help a person overcome addiction. While these programs are not used strictly for drug abuse, they have become the standard for high-quality care. At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we pay attention to the latest science and medical-based care options, by staying well-versed in the latest medical developments. 

We develop a customized treatment plan for you, providing comprehensive addiction treatment, based on which programs would best benefit you. This type of care isn’t focused on New Age philosophy or spiritual concepts – instead, it is based on studies and provable science. As a result, evidence-based therapy provides one of the best ways to overcome addiction. 

At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we utilize a variety of mental health treatment programs including:

Why you need an Evidence-Based Therapy Program

An evidence-based therapy program gives you a holistic recovery opportunity. You’ll not only heal physically but mentally as well. With the help of evidence-based therapy treatment in Wrightsville, PA, you can defeat your substance abuse on many levels, including:

  • Withdrawal management – Medicine-based detoxification will minimize withdrawal pain
  • Physical health issues – Get back into shape with high-quality medical care
  • Counseling options – Learn about the mental health problems that influence your drug abuse
  • Behavior adjustments – Tweak your patterns of behavior to manage your substance use
  • Aftercare – Utilize scientifically-tested aftercare to stay focused on your sobriety

Therefore, you may want to consider an evidence-based therapy treatment program in Wrightsville, PA. You can’t get a more real and beneficial way of managing your addiction. At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we give you access to these methods and much more. Every one of our evidence-based therapy treatment program Wrightsville PA care options are designed to be medically and scientifically sound. In this way, you know you are more likely to recover.

Evidence-Based Therapy Treatment 

At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we utilize a myriad of different options in our evidence-based therapy program. For example, our medical detox has been tweaked to ensure maximum success. However, we also implement methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy into our care. This treatment option can help participants build healthy coping skills, and many with trauma from addiction benefit from this care.

And we also know that new methods get developed all the time. So, we make sure to research and experiment with these new methods carefully. The idea behind this experimentation is to gauge whether they work for our needs. However, we may also utilize a new concept if requested by a client. Our goal is to find a way to beat your addiction for good. And we do so on a personal level to ensure maximum success.

Why Choose The Ranch Pennsylvania

At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we are committed to your recovery. Our addiction treatment staff is trained to provide comprehensive care, round the clock.  Overcome your addiction and regain control of your life. Call 717.969.9126 to set up an appointment. You can verify your insurance prior to calling.

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