Women's Rehab Program

two individuals discussing a women's rehab programYou may feel uncomfortable receiving treatment in a mixed-gender environment as a woman. There is enough pressure when dealing with substance use or mental health conditions, and when you layer on societal pressures and expectations, it can be unnecessary added stress. There is no reason to feel out of place in your therapeutic setting, which is why gender-specific treatment programs exist. Doing everything possible to increase the chances of a successful recovery is the mainstay of treatment programming at facilities like Recovery Ranch PA. 

Before you decide to get treatment, it’s essential to know the benefits of each type of program to see what makes the most sense for your individual needs. To better understand what a women’s rehab program looks like versus a co-ed environment, contact the team at Recovery Ranch PA and inquire about our various addiction treatment programs.   

Benefits of Women’s Rehab  

Benefits of gender-specific addiction treatment for women include:  

  • Removing distractions – Many women feel uncomfortable among members of the opposite sex and find it can be a hurdle in their treatment journey.   
  • Custom treatment plans – Women have unique needs compared to men, so their treatment journey should be designed to accommodate that.   
  • Increased comfort – Studies show that each gender is more comfortable sharing personal information in gender-specific settings among peers.  
  • Shared experiences – Being among other women going through similar experiences can be highly beneficial and make tackling complex subjects easier for all involved.    

Gender-specific women’s rehab is all about the concept of women helping women. In many cases, traumatic events involving men can be the triggers that lead to addiction and mental health disorders in women. Removing men from the equation in treatment can make for a much more effective treatment experience. Beyond that, there are tangible benefits for your mental and physical well-being and the success of your long-term recovery.  

Women’s Rehab Programs in Pennsylvania  

Any rehab program can feel overwhelming, and the added stress of a co-ed therapy environment can make it extra challenging for many women.  

What Recovery Ranch PA Offers 

The Recovery Ranch PA team understands the unique needs of women in a therapeutic setting and offers gender-specific treatment programs on our campus in Pennsylvania explicitly designed for women. We offer:  

  • Drug and alcohol detox  
  • Inpatient residential rehab  
  • Residential mental health treatment  
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment   
  • Gender-specific rehab  
  • Aftercare programs  
  • Alumni programs  

The goal of gender-specific treatment is to better understand the root of addiction and mental health issues in your past so that you can get to a better quality of life in the present. By removing a focus on destructive thoughts and actions that led to substance use or mental health conditions, you can clear your head to focus on the positive ahead of you. 

What to Expect from Recovery Ranch PA’s Treatment Plans 

Therapeutic modalities at Recovery Ranch PA include:  

  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)  
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)  
  • Individual therapy  
  • Family therapy  
  • Group therapy   
  • 12-step program  

Women’s rehab programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of the women in the programs. It’s all about creating a safe rehab environment and giving you the tools to maintain sobriety and recover in the long run.  

Find a Women’s Rehab Program at Recovery Ranch PA  

At Recovery Ranch PA, we understand that women face issues that are unique to them when it comes to dealing with substance use and mental health disorders. Having female counselors help you work through problems facing women—among other female peers—can put everyone at ease. We believe in honoring each woman we treat to ensure they feel respected among a close-knit group of professionals and peers committed to their success. Contact Recovery Ranch PA today at 717.969.9126 to receive gender-specific treatment and sustain long-term recovery. 


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