Trauma responses in relationships

Trauma Responses in Relationships

You don’t have to be a mental health professional to know trust issues, anxiety, insecurity, shame and disassociation are bad for relationships. If these same patterns of behavior, however, are common for an individual dealing with a past traumatic event or series of events, how does someone navigate trauma recovery and relationships? In some surprisingly …

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an addiction treatment professional discusses tramadol with a client for opiate addiction treatment

Tramadol for Opiate Withdrawal

Getting over an addiction to opiates is difficult, but tramadol may be able to help by reducing the symptoms of withdrawal. There are so many things that make recovering from drug abuse so challenging. The terrible, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful symptoms of withdrawal can sabotage even the most serious attempts to quit using opiate drugs. …

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a man tries hypnosis for addiction

Can Hypnosis Help During Addiction Recovery?

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind and body intervention, during which hypnosis is used to create a state of deep calm, highly-focused attention to an affliction, and highly increased susceptibility to suggestion to help in the treatment of a medical or psychological concern. Many have successfully quit smoking cigarettes with assistance from hypnotherapy, and it has …

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a family benefits from attending al anon

Why Parents Should Consider Going to Al-Anon

There are three simple, common-sense reasons parents should consider going to Al-Anon when a child is experiencing a substance use disorder: Education, healthy boundaries, and self-care.Attending Al-Anon actually improves your child’s chances of seeking treatment and remaining in recovery. Substance use disorders are medical conditions impacting the entire family. When one family seeks treatment, either …

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a man with bipolar disorder has negative effects from marijuana abuse

How Marijuana Use Complicates Bipolar Disorder

People with bipolar disorder abuse marijuana more than any other drug; some are trying to self-medicate their bipolar symptoms. Medical marijuana isn’t an approved method for treating bipolar disorder in states where medical cannabis is legal, and the combination of marijuana and bipolar disorder can make an already difficult mental illness worse. For more information …

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a man deals with the negative effects of meth withdrawal

How Long Does Meth Withdrawal Last?

A meth addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA can help you or a loved one get over methamphetamine, a powerful and addictive stimulant. Before entering treatment, people usually want to know how long does meth withdrawal last and the range of withdrawal symptoms they may experience. Knowing the meth withdrawal timeline and what to expect …

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a woman suffers from the effects of binge drinking and depression

Binge Drinking and Depression

Alcohol abuse is a common problem across the country and can become a devastating issue very quickly. Many individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse deal with the combination of binge drinking, depression, and anxiety. Tragically, these co-occurring disorders can create a situation that feels impossible for many to escape. Thankfully, options like a residential alcohol …

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effects of meth

Long-Term Effects of Meth

If you or someone you love uses methamphetamine even occasionally, it’s important to understand the long-term effects of meth. It’s easy to close your mind to these effects because you don’t want to think about the future consequences of something that gives you intense pleasure right now. Let’s start by understanding why meth delivers that …

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