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Mental health and addiction

Mental Health and Addiction

What causes mental health issues? What leads to addiction issues? In other words, is there a connection between mental health and addiction? For example, are bipolar and weed somehow interlinked? Let’s take a closer look.What is the Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction?There is often an interconnection between mental health and addiction. mental health disorders …

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Dual diagnosis statistics

Dual Diagnosis Statistics

Mental illness can lead to addiction as a way to try to cope with the symptoms of anxiety or depression. Co-occurring disorders are common, and this is why treatment for dual diagnosis has developed. When you receive treatment for dual diagnosis from The Ranch PA, you are able to get addiction treatment and support for …

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Trauma responses in relationships

Trauma Responses in Relationships

You don’t have to be a mental health professional to know trust issues, anxiety, insecurity, shame and disassociation are bad for relationships. If these same patterns of behavior, however, are common for an individual dealing with a past traumatic event or series of events, how does someone navigate trauma recovery and relationships? In some surprisingly …

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a man tries hypnosis for addiction

Can Hypnosis Help During Addiction Recovery?

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind and body intervention, during which hypnosis is used to create a state of deep calm, highly-focused attention to an affliction, and highly increased susceptibility to suggestion to help in the treatment of a medical or psychological concern. Many have successfully quit smoking cigarettes with assistance from hypnotherapy, and it has …

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a man with bipolar disorder has negative effects from marijuana abuse

How Marijuana Use Complicates Bipolar Disorder

People with bipolar disorder abuse marijuana more than any other drug; some are trying to self-medicate their bipolar symptoms. Medical marijuana isn’t an approved method for treating bipolar disorder in states where medical cannabis is legal, and the combination of marijuana and bipolar disorder can make an already difficult mental illness worse. For more information …

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a woman suffers from the effects of binge drinking and depression

Binge Drinking and Depression

Alcohol abuse is a common problem across the country and can become a devastating issue very quickly. Many individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse deal with the combination of binge drinking, depression, and anxiety. Tragically, these co-occurring disorders can create a situation that feels impossible for many to escape. Thankfully, options like a residential alcohol …

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Woman going through acupressure for addiction therapy

Holistic Treatment of the Day – Acupressure

Many people in holistic circles are familiar with what is typically known as “acupuncture,” or the insertion and manipulation of needles in the body to relieve pain and help with an array of other mental and physical ailments. More recently, a practice known as “acupressure” has been gaining momentum in the holistic world. This is …

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Woman on phone, how does social media affect mental health

How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health?

Social Media Affects Our Mental HealthThis isn’t news to most people. Most of us have experienced how social media affects our mental health through photos of happy families who never seem to bicker—ever. We’ve likely seen air-brushed, filtered photos of celebrities claiming to look “natural.” And, few of us have avoided cyberbullying, even if it’s …

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Burning note symbolizing the past for your mental healing

How Does the Past Play a Role in Your Mental Healing?

Mental healing requires that we stay in the present but confront the past honestly.For those of us healing from a mental health disorder or past trauma, finding a balance between the past and present is challenging. We can only heal when the pain from the past comes into the light. At the same time, getting …

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