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Person finding out that ADHD medication is addictive

Is ADHD Medication Addictive?

At Recovery Ranch PA, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to providing holistic and comprehensive mental health treatment. Our mission is to support individuals on their journey toward recovery, including those grappling with questions about medication, such as: “Is ADHD medication addictive?” Understanding the complexities of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications […]

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Man thinking about benzo withdrawal timeline

What to Expect During the Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzo withdrawal at a benzo addiction rehab in Hanover, PA allows you to taper off the drug while receiving proper medical care. It is also a safer and more effective way to end drug abuse instead of quitting “cold turkey” and risking a relapse or an overdose. However, even with professional help, the benzo withdrawal

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Opioid Epidemic Statistics

Two out of every three drug overdoses in the U.S. involve an opioid. Opioid epidemic statistics are concerning. Opioids killed nearly four times as many people as drunk driving in 2017. Opioid addiction stats found that 47,000 people died from overdoses involving overdoses in 2017. Those battling addictions need to seek out an opioid addiction

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