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The Difference and Benefits of CBT vs DBT

Many different techniques, therapies, and resources deal with issues like addiction and mental illness. A common tool used by professionals, counselors, and therapists is something called psychotherapy. These types of therapies generally take one of two approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), also referred to as talk therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). While there are some similarities between the two therapies, there are differences and different benefits of CBT vs DBT.

CBT is often used as a catch-all phrase to cover most general talk therapies and techniques. But there are some considerable differences between CBT vs DBT. Both techniques have proven to be effective and useful tools in the hands of experienced and licensed therapists. However, use is one of the big differences.

CBT vs DBT in Recovery

Often called ‘talk therapy,’ CBT helps people work through issues by talking about them. With CBT, you learn how to control thoughts instead of allowing thoughts to take control.

How you think about something will determine how you feel about something. This, in turn, will determine how we respond to that thing. That is the basic premise of CBT, and it is a great technique in helping reprogram the way they think. With a focus on using reasoning and logic, people can address a variety of illnesses and short-circuit thinking patterns that feed addictions.

DBT also addresses our thinking patterns, but it does so using an entirely different approach. CBT or talk therapy is designed to help people by talking and thinking through issues. DBT aims to help people embrace or accept their emotions. By accepting our feelings, we force ourselves to acknowledge them. This then allows us to begin working on developing proper responses to situations and circumstances. DBT helps people deal with impulsive issues or with harmful thought processes.

The Benefits of CBT vs DBT

Both types of therapies have their benefits, and that is not only a difference but also a similarity of CBT vs DBT. When CBT works, it helps those struggling with addiction realize and recognize bad thinking patterns. Over time even the thought process itself changes. That is when recovery begins.

When DBT achieves the desired results, it helps those dealing with addiction and mental illness face emotions, recognize them, and respond accordingly – and appropriately. A common root cause of many addictions is pain. Often it is what leads people to either numb or hide from the source of those hurts. That source is, more often than not, feelings from events or tragedies that have never been dealt with. These are issues DBT will help people learn to cope with in healthy and effective ways.

Getting Help at Recovery Ranch PA

If you or someone you know is dealing with a mental illness or an addiction and you want help, there is good news, and help is available. Although the benefits between CBT vs DBT are proven and effective, you won’t have to worry about which technique you need. You only need to worry about getting help. Quality recovery and treatment centers will know which therapies, services, and programs will help. You only need to worry about one thing, getting there.

If you are ready to deal with your issues or your addiction and want to take back control of your life, we can help. Call the Recovery Ranch PA today at 717.969.9126 and get the help and the recovery you need. Your best life is possible, and recovery can begin the moment you make the call.

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