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The Real Dangers of Substance Abuse

We knew well before the information age about the dangers of substance abuse. It isn’t a new concern but it is one that we have learned more about over the years. It is also a concern that has grown considerably more dangerous as more drugs now flood the market, the streets, and the country than ever before.

Some of these are highly controlled substances such as pain killers, while others are synthetics such as tranquilizers or other dangerous substances. The dangers of substance abuse may start out with recreation but eventually, turn into full-blown substance use disorders.

The Immediate Dangers of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, regardless of the drug, will introduce immediate dangers in addition to having long-term risks as well. It takes no time for drug abuse to have an immediate impact on our lives. Simple aspects of our lives such as eating habits and sleeping patterns are disturbed by substance abuse. Other tasks, like driving or operating heavy machinery, become much more dangerous. With some drugs, like heroin, the immediate dangers of substance abuse include death by overdose.

While these negative impacts will have an immediate impact, they will also have long-term effects as a result of long-term use. Unfortunately, these are some of the milder effects of substance abuse that will be immediately experienced. In the worst-case scenarios, substance abuse can be fatal.

The Long-Term Dangers of Substance Abuse

Although the long-term effects of substance abuse may not be as obvious and apparent as the immediate risks, they are no less serious or deadly. Some of those dangers include lung disease or heart problems. Other issues resulting from substance abuse include everything from HIV/AIDS to hepatitis.

Not all of the risks attached to substance abuse are physical either, as mental illness is also a very real danger, especially from prolonged or excessive use. Many chemicals and drugs can interfere with certain brain functions, circuits, and the production of chemicals. This interference can result in changing how we experience pleasure, process information, and the ability to learn and remember.

Substance abuse can threaten every area of our lives. Some of those risks are immediate and some of them are long-term. Substance abuse poses a risk to us physically and mentally. And it also can risk our lives on a practical level too. Fortunately, Recovery Ranch PA offers several substance abuse treatment programs such as:

People dealing with substance abuse issues will find it hard to maintain relationships. Many of the impacts of drug abuse, such as those aforementioned disrupted eating and sleeping habits, can make it difficult to maintain steady employment. Eventually, there is nothing left, and perhaps that is the most real and most frightening danger of substance abuse.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Help

Substance abuse issues don’t go away by themselves. Untreated substance abuse issues also increase the risk of those more serious dangers. When the next use could be the last, time is not a friend to those dealing with substance abuse issues. Whenever someone is struggling with substance use disorder, they need professional help like the kind offered through Recovery Ranch PA to heal. Addiction is a disease with both physical and mental aspects, each of which needs addressing in its own way. We offer a variety of therapeutic options to help individuals deal with the emotional and mental aspects of addiction such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Nutrition therapy

If you or someone you know needs help with a substance abuse issue, then we can help. Contact Recovery Ranch PA or call us at 717.969.9126 for help combatting the dangers of substance abuse today.

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