Woman refusing a glass of wine while thinking to herself, "How do I slow down drinking?"

How Do I Slow Down My Drinking?

If you or a loved one is living with alcohol use disorder or another form of problematic drinking, all areas of life may suffer. From professional and personal concerns to basic health and safety, alcohol can wreak havoc on those who drink and those who love them. Remember, though, that with proper support, it is possible to overcome alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one asks, “How do I slow down drinking?” you’re already on the right track. Accredited addiction therapy programs may be a significant step in helping you regain the well-being and personal agency you deserve. 

If you’re seeking a program in the Wrightsville area, contact Recovery Ranch PA today. Our quality services may greatly help, and we’re happy to discuss referrals if needed. Call 717.969.9126 or reach out online to get started. 

How Can You Slow Down Drinking?

If you or your loved one is in this position, here are a few tips for slowing down drinking through measures you can take yourself: 

  • Know your reasons – To boost your motivation, write down your reasons for quitting drinking. These might include feeling better, having healthier relationships, or increasing your life expectancy. Keep your list somewhere you see it often, such as your desk or wallet. 
  • Stick to reasonable limits – For all women and men over 65, doctors usually recommend no more than one standard drink per day. For men under 65, doctors recommend only two per day. 
  • Don’t keep alcohol in your house – Simply adding the step and expense of going out to drink may help limit your overall consumption.
  • Take days off from drinking each week – Taking one or two days off per week can be a significant first step if scaling back feels overwhelming. Also, consider a “dry” week or month to more fully experience your feelings without alcohol. 
  • Stay hydrated and properly nourished – Before you drink alcohol, have a glass of water and a meal. If you have more than one drink, have a glass of water or other nonalcoholic beverage between alcoholic drinks. 
  • Reduce your portion sizes or switch to a lower-strength drink – If you drink wine or beer, try reducing your usual pour by several ounces. 

There is no substitute for an effective alcohol treatment program in cases of severe problematic drinking. In some cases, however, it may be possible to scale back sufficiently without professional intervention. 

What Are the Benefits of an Addiction Therapy Program for Alcohol Use Disorder? 

“How do I slow down drinking?”—still thinking about this question? Enrolling in addiction therapy when needed can be a game-changer for those struggling with problematic drinking or full-scale alcohol use disorder. In such a program, you’ll typically experience several vital components that enormously benefit long-term recovery. 

The first is medically assisted detox. Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for those with severe chemical dependence on alcohol. For this reason, supervision by a doctor and, potentially, medication to reduce pain and cravings can make withdrawal much more manageable.  

One-on-one counseling is also a part of quality alcohol recovery programs. Here, clients can speak with a registered therapist about the roots of their drinking. Getting to the bottom of triggers and any unresolved past trauma can make an enormous difference in regaining control of your life and staying alcohol-free long-term. 

Finally, group work is often a powerful part of alcohol addiction recovery. Whether it’s a 12-step-based treatment like that used by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or a non-12-step group approach, peer support is powerful. By working with others undergoing similar struggles, those in recovery gain accountability, a judgment-free community, and the opportunity to serve others with the same experiences. 

Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Recovery Ranch PA

If you’re still wondering, “How do I slow down drinking?” Consider contacting Recovery Ranch PA today at 717.969.9126. We believe addiction recovery is possible through top-of-the-line support and personal investment. You or your loved one has the power to get free from alcohol dependence, and we want to help get you on this journey.

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