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How to Stop Drug Abuse in Your Home

You’re overwhelmed, worried, and at the end of your rope. You have a family member who is using drugs or alcohol, and it’s impacting their health and future. It is not easy to Preventing drug abuse issues is not an easy thing to do in any household, though. Drug abuse is a very complex disease that damages many facets of a person’s life. 

If you are seeking help for your loved one, The Ranch PA offers substance abuse treatment programs that can facilitate long-term, sustainable recovery outcomes. Reach out to us today at 717.969.9126.

Preventing Drug Abuse: Education and Prevention

While you may not be able to learn how to stop drug abuse because it’s already occurring, you can try to stay ahead of future risks by educating others about what happens when a person uses drugs and alcohol. If your loved one is at risk, here are a few options for talking points: 

  • Talk about the changes drugs create in the brain and body
  • Learn about the way drugs and alcohol put peoples’ lives at risk
  • Discuss genetics and other family use of drugs and alcohol and its outcome
  • Talk about the consequences, including poor judgment, dependence, and reckless behavior
  • Discuss circumstances for being at risk, such as low self-esteem, social rejection fears, and anxiety

Be sure to educate your loved one about why drugs are never a good choice. Then, work with them to have strategies to get out of using them if they are put in a high-risk scenario.

Ending Drug Abuse in Your Home

When an adult or teen in your home is using drugs and alcohol, it’s important to treat this condition like any other type of disease. While there is no quick drug abuse cure, you can get them help in a number of ways that include – 

  • Encourage Treatment — The first step is to ensure your loved one can leave work, school, and home responsibilities so they can enter into a treatment program. Make it clear there is help available.
  • Find Residential Treatment — To learn how to stop drug abuse from worsening, your loved one needs to enter drug or alcohol residential treatment. This gives them the ability to focus on getting well.
  • Determine if Detox Is Necessary — Most people with addiction and dependence benefit from drug detox programs. This helps them safely stop using the drugs and enter a safe place to detox with medical supervision.
  • Create Time for Counseling — When this happens in your home, it impacts everyone living there. That is why family counseling programs are so important. It can help you both to find the treatment that you can rely on for long-term well-being.
  • Ensure an Aftercare Plan Is in Place — Work with your team to ensure your loved one receives aftercare treatment programs if they can benefit from it. This may help to reduce ongoing complications and drug use.

Working with a team that offers comprehensive treatment and support is also important. You can learn how to stop drug abuse by being proactive and getting your loved one into our program at The Ranch PA. Talk to us about their needs, including trauma or the benefit of dual diagnosis treatment. A comprehensive, personalized treatment plan will make all the difference in the long term.

Preventing Drug Abuse With The Ranch PA

You are not alone in your quest to learn how to stop drug abuse in your home. Many people who have loved ones who use do not know what to do or how to find the right type of help for their spouse, children, or parents. At The Ranch PA, we can offer you access to substance abuse treatment programs that will help give your loved one the best chance at recovery. Call 717.969.9126 to speak to our counselors about the options available to you.

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