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Myths About Drugs are No Joke

They can start anywhere and they can be about almost anything, but one thing is certain, myths about drugs are no joke. The myths about drugs have covered everything from how to use them to how to beat a drug test. Although many myths might seem like obvious lies, that doesn’t mean all myths about drugs are so apparent. The two biggest concerns regarding myths about drugs are the dangers these myths can facilitate, and the chance that many of these myths about drugs could prevent someone from getting the help and recovery they need.

The Dangers of Myths About Drugs

There are some myths that have become so accepted as fact that it isn’t as easy as you might think to tell the difference. Can you tell which of the following are myths and which are facts? Only “hard” drugs are addictive.Some drugs aren’t dangerous.Prescription drugs are safer than street drugs. And there are the myths that are more common in the circles of non-addicts, such as: Addicts can quit whenever they choose it is a matter of will power and making a decision. or… Rehab and treatment centers don’t work. Can you spot the myths from the truths? It’s okay, it was a trick question because these are all myths. It isn’t only cocaine or heroin that is addictive. Prescribed painkillers like opiates and alcohol are among many of the other drugs with addictive qualities. Every addiction is dangerous, and every addiction has the potential worst-case scenario of death. Every addiction to any substance. No type of drug abuse, street or prescription, is safe. Thereby, there is no such thing as the abuse of a prescription drug being “safer” than abusing street drugs. These aren’t uncommon myths among those who have struggled with addiction or who are familiar with the disease. The myths in the circles outside the realms of addiction are no less harmful and can also prevent or delay someone from getting the help they need. And if there is one thing an addict doesn’t have, it is time.

Myths Lies and Hurdles

Some of the aforementioned myths in the circles of those both inside and outside the world of addiction can create hurdles for those who desperately need help. The myth about addicts being able to quit whenever they want, by definition of the word “addiction,” is false. That doesn’t include physiological addiction, where both the body and mind have formed a dependence on a substance. This is also a lie that can keep someone struggling with an addiction from seeking help. How many people have fought addiction alone, believing they could beat the disease, that they should be able to? And how many were fed that lie, and for how long before they reached out for help? Because of a myth, a lie. That myth might even perpetuate the lie that rehab and treatment centers don’t work. There are obviously thousands of people and more, who are now living happy, healthy, and drug-free lives after getting help through a rehab or treatment center. The kind of help that is available for you, when you’re ready.

Rehab Means Recovery

It is not a myth, and it is the first step toward beating addiction and taking back control of your life. Don’t allow the myths and the fears of those lies to keep you from getting the help and the recovery you want. If you are ready to get onto the road to recovery and end your addiction, then call us at 717.969.9126. When you are ready to get help, we will be here.

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