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National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Substance abuse affects people across the country every day. Whether it causes a child to struggle in school, makes the roads more dangerous, or even takes a life, it leads to pain and grief. October is known as National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. October dedicates support to those in recovery and those who work hard to prevent drug use in communities. It is a time to remember loved ones who have been lost and shed light on this epidemic that is ravaging our country. Programs all over the nation participate, and The Ranch PA, the addiction treatment center in Hanover, PA that residents look to for help, recognizes its importance.

Why is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month Recognized?

President Obama recognized the need for National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in 2011. President Trump continues that legacy with National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 2019. Our nation’s leadership understands the need to invest in prevention programs. Millions of people in the United States suffer from substance abuse.  Communities become devastated, families are torn apart, and lives are broken and lost by over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse, as well as alcohol abuse. The opioid crisis is currently hitting many communities with force. We all must do our part to support those in need and fight easy access to illicit opioids. Essential prevention strategies keep people healthy and drug-free. In fact, communities are utilizing parents, teachers, and government officers to intervene early and deter youth from drug consumption. Money spent on prevention programs saves money down the road for costs associated with medical problems or treatment. The Trump administration is establishing grants for schools to implement drug prevention programs that work. Resources for fighting substance abuse increased along with The National Drug Control Budget. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, please contact a substance abuse treatment program in PA.

Preventing Teen Substance Abuse

Throughout October, there will be a variety of activities and programs throughout the country in observance of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. This is a great way to get people talking about this issue. It is essential to have conversations with our youth about drugs and alcohol. The earlier someone uses drugs or alcohol in life, the more likely they are to become addicted to them. The teen years are especially important. The brain is rapidly developing during this time, leaving it vulnerable to further damage. Consequently, influence on teens comes from movies, media, music, and friends. Not all teens who experiment with drugs or alcohol will become addicted. However, those who start early are at higher risk for problems later in life. Parents can help by spending quality time with their teen, listening to them, setting a good example, and knowing where their teen is and what they are up to. Keep homes safe and free from tempting substances, and talk with teens about how to turn down offers of drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse screening and education should be part of every adolescent’s visit to the family doctor, not only wellness checks. In any event, regular visits to the doctor lead teens to speak up about the use of drugs or alcohol.

The Ranch PA Can Help

Family involvement in Hanover is a key aspect of substance abuse prevention, and also a key part of treatment at The Ranch PA.  If you suspect that a child or other family member is using, it is very important to get them help.  Contact Clarity way for addiction treatment help. Call 866.578.5992 for yourself or a loved one today. It is crucial to intervene earlier rather than later to get your family member going down a healthy path once again.

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