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Do You Need a Personality Disorder Treatment Program?

When you have a personality disorder, you possibly have no idea where to get personality disorder treatment. Recovery Ranch PA’s caring and professional staff have the expertise to help you receive the treatment that you need.

Do you have additional treatment needs? Some people with one mental health disorder also experience another type of mental health condition or a substance use disorder that needs treatment. 

Discover how treating your personality disorder helps you get back on track. Then, you can enjoy life again, without letting the symptoms or complications of personality disorders control your life.

What are Personality Disorders?

Have you been told that you have a personality disorder? Perhaps you feel that others have the problem and that there is nothing wrong with you? Having a personality disorder does not mean that you experience the same symptoms as someone else with the condition that requires personality disorder treatment. There are three personality disorder clusters, along with ten different personality disorders.

Psychology Today lists and describes each of the personality disorders.

Cluster A includes paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, and schizotypal personality disorder. Conversely, Cluster B includes antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, along with narcissistic personality disorder. Alternatively, Cluster C includes obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and dependent personality disorder.

Cluster A

Cluster A characteristics potentially include odd or eccentric thinking, having a pervasive distrust of other people, and perceiving innocent comments made by others as personal attacks on you. People with these types of personality disorders also possibly prefer to be alone, and present the appearance of being cold or indifferent to others. Some individuals have peculiar beliefs or thinking, which are perhaps accompanied by odd dress or odd behaviors.

Cluster B

Cluster B personality disorders include characteristics such as unpredictable or impulsive thinking or behaviors, persistent lying or stealing and legal problems, and having a disregard for the needs or feelings of other people. The symptoms include experiencing a lack of remorse for actions or behaviors. Some people with Cluster B personality disorders believe that other people are envious or jealous of them. They display an exaggeration of talents or achievements. Also, they may believe that they are more special or important than other people.

Cluster C

Some Cluster C personality disorder characteristics. These include feeling unattractive or experiencing other feelings of lack of self-confidence. You may also have an urgent need to begin a new relationship very soon after a prior relationship ended. Some people with these disorders demonstrate clingy behaviors and a fear of having to provide self-care if left alone. Others have a sense of extreme perfectionism and need to be in control of other people and situations.

There are several other characteristics of each cluster of personality disorders. The disorders within each cluster that needs personality disorder treatment.

The complications associated with having a personality disorder can seem overwhelming to you. They may leave you feeling that no one understands you or your treatment needs. Yet, the empathetic, highly-qualified treatment team at The Ranch Treatment Centers understands. We are here to help guide through the treatment process. We are also here for you if you have co-occurring addiction and personality disorders and need dual diagnosis treatment.

What Treatment is Available?

There are a variety of treatments available for personality disorders. No one treatment is appropriate for everyone. Some reasons that each person requires a different treatment plan include:

  • Various personality disorders sometimes require different treatments
  • The underlying cause or contributing factors to your personality disorder require comprehensive diagnosis and treatment
  • We develop every treatment plan for the client’s specific treatment needs
  • Some individuals need treatment for co-occurring substance abuse disorders or addictions
  • We customize our aftercare plan to your individual needs

You do not have to experience the symptoms of your personality disorder alone. Contact us at 717.969.9126, and learn how to get the personality disorder treatment that you need. Discover the benefits of recovery in a caring, empathetic environment today.

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