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Safety At Rehab During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Safety At Rehab During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus, known scientifically as COVID-19, is the largest pandemic the world has faced in a century. Worldwide and in the United States, all sectors of the population are concerned about not catching and spreading the virus. As a result, governments at the state and local level have created policies to encourage “social distancing” as part of the larger quarantine. For those in recovery, the question of safety at rehab during this pandemic is an obvious one.

Other areas are taking more drastic measures and placing cities on lockdown. As people “shelter in place” or self-quarantine, you may wonder about the safety at rehab. Whether you are currently at a rehab facility or thinking about going to one, it’s critical to understand the methods used for safety at rehab and how you can ensure you stay safe.

How Is COVID-19 Spread?

COVID-19 is highly contagious. Because we know how the disease spreads, we are able to prepare and take action in order to prevent further infection. COVID-19 is spread by respiratory droplets, expelled from people during sneezes, coughs, and vomiting. If someone coughs near you without covering their face, they could spread the disease to you.

These droplets are able to survive in the air, on surfaces, or on people’s hands. You could get it if the droplets go unto their hand, and they touch you, and you, in turn, touch your face. Most times people touch their face, the germs find their way into the mouth or eyes. This is why the CDC is telling people to wash their hands regularly, cough into their elbow, and limit touching others’ hands.

The other major problem with the coronavirus is you can spread it without realizing you have it because you’re asymptomatic. Therefore, it’s crucial to be where you know people are acting responsibly and safely. Ensuring safety at rehab is critical for your well being as well as others.

Who Is At High Risk For Contracting COVID-19

Some people are at higher risk than others for complications due to COVID-19. According to the CDC, people who may be more vulnerable to serious consequences if they contract it. These people are:

  • Older adults ages 65 and up
  • People with medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and asthma
  • Pregnant women
  • People with HIV

Because of the vast numbers of people who may fall into any of these categories, it’s critical to take steps to stay safe.

Do I Have Safety At Rehab?

Rehab facilities may be the perfect location for you to shelter in place. Safety at rehab centers is a high priority. People working in the medical field understand the risks and how to keep everyone safe.

At a substance abuse treatment center, medical staff will be putting in place strict rules for cleanliness and safety. In addition, they will have all the equipment needed to monitor any potential cases.

[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw8VKaUWhvM”][vc_column_text]While you shelter at drug rehab, you will also be enhancing your health and upping your immune system with nutritious meals. This could help bring you out of the high-risk group into a lower-risk category because your immune system will be stronger.

Social distancing and more strict quarantines could also cause those with severe addictions to drugs or alcohol to go through withdrawal. One of the benefits of safety at rehab is being able to go through detox in a medically supervised and secure environment.

Contact The Ranch PA

Take the first step in protecting yourself by connecting with the drug and alcohol rehab center here at The Ranch PA. Surround yourself with the safety of an experienced medical team. If you are going through recovery, then the best plan for you is to seek safety at rehab. Staying for an extended period in rehab keeps you away from drugs and from the greater population.

Don’t let your addiction and COVID-19 ruin your life. Now that you understand how safety at rehab works, contact The Ranch PA online or call us at 717.969.9126

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