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The War on Drug Communities: A Video Infographic

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The War on Drugs

The “War on Drugs” has and still is one of America’s longest ideological wars ever fought. But American citizens have grown tired of policy and debate surrounding the failing war. Since it’s official beginning in 1971, the costs of the “War on Drugs” have far outweighed the gains. After 42 years, it’s become clear that the war has been waged on a faceless enemy, making it difficult to pinpoint the root of the problem.

Drugs and Money

It is clear why illegal drug manufacturers and traffickers make and distribute drugs: money. All it takes is one look at a desperate addict to understand. People who abuse and later become dependent on drugs suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms. These include powerful cravings, awful physical symptoms, and life-changing emotional problems. The addict often loses contact with family, caring friends, and others who have his or her wellbeing in mind. Instead, the only thing that matters is getting high. The manufacturer and trafficker know this. They are all too happy to take everything from an addicted person — and the addicted person’s family — in the pursuit of money. No matter how desperate and sad the addicted individual becomes, the drug dealer is heartless. Job loss, divorce, children separated from their parents, overdose, death — nothing matters. To the dealer, the addict should know better — and it’s his or her fault for using in the first place.

The Problem Known ‘Round the World

The drug trade is a problem felt around the world, not only in the United States. From Mexico and France to China and Brazil, drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana fuel an unregulated drug trade where the weakest among us are the victims. Although governments work together to eradicate the drug trade, international cooperation is not enough to stop the greed that fuels the corruption. This video takes a look at two regions, in Afghanistan and Columbia, that are responsible for some of the world’s largest drug productions. It highlights the adverse effects the drug trade has had on those families and communities. All due to the monetary incentive of the drug trade in these regions, families are torn apart, children are malnourished, environments are ruined, and violence is at its highest.

What to Do If a Loved One is Addicted to Drugs

If you or someone you love is fighting an addiction to drugs or alcohol, The Ranch PA can help. Our Recovery Support Team is comprised of experienced and compassionate addiction professionals who help people get sober every day. We understand the destruction that addiction causes, but we also know how sobriety can redeem even the most serious lifestyle problems. If you are ready to commit to sobriety, you can start right now. Don’t let your family join the millions of victims around the world who suffer the effects of addiction every day. The earlier you get help, the better your likely treatment outcome can be. Even if you have tried getting sober before, and even if you feel like you have lost everything, you are not alone. The Ranch PA can help you find your path to recovery while rebuilding the relationships that your addiction has hurt. Help us fight the war and spread the word.Sources: Business Insider Colombia Reports Common Sense for Drug Policy Congressional Research Service Cultural Survival Global Finance International Socialist Review The New York Times Newsweek Society of American Foresters United Nations News Centre United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime United Nations Research Institute for Social Development The Wall Street Journal Yale Center for the Study of Globalization If you enjoyed this video infographic, please share it with your friends! Please help us make a difference!View the Video Infographic on YouTube.

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