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Addiction: The Biggest Preventable Killer

For the first time, drug overdose surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Drug addiction rehabs exist to prevent death — not only to send the message that doing drugs is bad for your health. Although the compulsive, chronic abuse of dangerous drugs and alcohol leads to a wide array of physical, emotional, and mental health problems, the good news is that addiction is treatable, and getting help from a drug addiction rehab center is essential.

The Path to Recovery Begins with Recognition

Although it is true that recovering from substance abuse can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms, oftentimes simply recognizing and acknowledging the need for help from a drug addiction rehab is a challenge. Sometimes, family and friends step in with an arranged intervention. Other times, the person abusing drugs hits rock bottom and decides to get help on his or her own. Some may even have to submit to court-ordered help at a drug addiction rehab center. Regardless of how treatment begins, people who get help are more likely to save their own lives.

Holistic Treatment

There are many types of rehabilitation centers. Rapid detox focuses only on helping people addicted to drugs get through withdrawal. Outpatient programs allow clients the freedom to return home in the evenings after engaging in treatment during the day. Residential programs vary in length, method, and intensity; some have a clinical feel, while some enforce a sense of responsibility through work programs.

Finally, holistic treatment programs address all of the damage caused by addiction, whether physical, spiritual, or psychological. “Holistic” means “of or pertaining to the whole”. People who suffer from substance abuse not only require help managing the early days of withdrawal, but they also frequently suffer from depression, anxiety, and cravings over the long term. Holistic drug addiction treatment addresses these physical and psychological issues while helping find a sense of purpose and regained clarity.

The Ranch PA, a holistic care treatment center, also provides dual diagnosis help for people who have co-occurring, and sometimes previously untreated mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. This holistic-style care not only saves lives, but it also heals and helps rebuild the feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction so often missing from the addict’s lifestyle. (Photo via)

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