Man thinking about alternatives to a 12-step program

Alternatives To 12-Step Program

Why Would Anybody Want an Alternative to a 12-Step Program?Twelve-step programs have helped millions of people struggling with addiction. But the road to recovery is complex, and different people have different needs. What works for many people might not work for others. That’s why many addiction treatment centers now offer alternatives to 12-step programs. The …

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Trauma responses in relationships

Trauma Responses in Relationships

You don’t have to be a mental health professional to know trust issues, anxiety, insecurity, shame and disassociation are bad for relationships. If these same patterns of behavior, however, are common for an individual dealing with a past traumatic event or series of events, how does someone navigate trauma recovery and relationships? In some surprisingly …

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Woman on phone, how does social media affect mental health

How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health?

Social Media Affects Our Mental HealthThis isn’t news to most people. Most of us have experienced how social media affects our mental health through photos of happy families who never seem to bicker—ever. We’ve likely seen air-brushed, filtered photos of celebrities claiming to look “natural.” And, few of us have avoided cyberbullying, even if it’s …

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Stressed woman, wondering "What is a mental breakdown?"

What’s a Mental Breakdown? Stress in Our Modern World

“I’m on the brink of a mental breakdown.”Do mental or nervous breakdowns really exist? More importantly, if these breakdowns happen, how do you recover? And, how did these terms become so commonplace in our vernacular?Finally, if breakdowns are real, then how do you know when you reach the breaking point? Are there clues to your …

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Man in therapy session for men's mental health

Men’s Mental Health: Getting Honest with Emotions

We’d all like to think that stigmas around men’s mental health and emotions are shifting for the better. Continually, however, we are reminded how much further we have to go.In a letter to the editor published in Ohio in July 2021, a 12-year-old girl called out an announcer at a July 4th parade for proclaiming …

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