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Have a Loved One Struggling with Alcoholism? You Need Support Too

As with all addictions, alcoholism doesn’t just affect the individual struggling with it; it affects their loved ones as well. Often, family and friends have a hard time dealing with their loved one’s addiction, and they’re unsure of how to best offer their support. If a loved one is struggling with addiction, there are resources available to help you through this trying process and you should take advantage of them.


Al-Anon, an organization founded by the creators of Alcoholics Anonymous, is one example. As a fellowship of friends and family of those battling alcoholism, Al-Anon gives you the permission and space to be open about your struggles dealing with your loved one’s fight with alcoholism and recovery. Having a conversation with someone who is going through a similar experience to yours can be helpful in the healing process. Joining a support group also gives you the opportunity to help other people who are hurting because of their loved one’s addiction. The experience of helping others — while also receiving the support you need — will make you feel strong and confident during your loved one’s stay in our rehab center.

Starting with Yourself

The idea of seeking help for yourself may seem strange since you’re not technically the one with the problem. But to be able to properly support your loved one, you must first take care of yourself. When you are in touch with your own emotions and struggles, you’ll be more available and helpful to your loved one./ There’s no need to pretend supporting a loved one during their recovery process in a private rehab center is easy. It is an experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Do some research to find a support system that will work for you, such as Al-Anon. You deserve to not have to walk this path alone. (Photo via)

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