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Alternative Healing and Addiction Recovery

To be truly effective, addiction recovery cannot focus solely on the physical effects of substance abuse. Addiction also damages people on emotional and spiritual levels. A holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction recovery provides for the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. At The Ranch PA, we understand everyone has different experiences and needs. By offering multiple forms of alternative therapy, we provide highly individualized healing opportunities.

Mental and Spiritual Alternative Healing Therapies

Substance abuse may develop out of attempts to self-treat mental disorders, seek enjoyment, or prevent stress. As the brain and body adjust to substance-free living, people often experience increased stress, depressed mood, and difficulty finding enjoyment or relaxation without the artificial effects of drug or alcohol use. Meditation helps people heal their mental state, offering relaxation and stress management. Learning to meditate helps people control unwanted or intrusive thoughts while improving concentration. Life purpose training helps people discover what’s important to them, whether it be family, personal growth, or career. People often lose sight of their life goals while in the grip of addictive substances. Identifying meaningful life goals lets people get “back on track” and find meaning outside substance abuse.

Alternative Healing and Physical Activity

Addiction prevents people from focusing on anything else. As a result, many enter addiction recovery in poor physical health. Alternative healing therapies recognize a healthy body improves mood and gives clients the reserves needed for long-term healing. Pilates offers low-impact means to improve physical health. Both disciplines place importance on spiritual and mental health, as well as physical fitness, and can be practiced by people of any fitness level. A cardio workout with spiritual aspects combines elements of aerobics and martial arts with positive affirmations and mindfulness. Nutritional training helps people return to or develop healthy eating habits. Many addictive substances affect the appetite, often resulting in dangerous weight loss. Learning to care for yourself after addiction is an important part of the healing process. Taking control of nutritional needs improves both health and self-confidence in your own independence. The body possesses a remarkable ability to heal itself. Acupuncture encourages self-healing through careful stimulation of acupuncture points. Painless and non-intrusive, acupuncture can also help people relax and feel more energized.

Art and the Alternative Healing Center

People healing from addiction often find it helpful to express their emotions and thoughts. Some people do so through therapy and support groups. Others prefer to express themselves artistically, through painting, music, or song. Music therapy and art therapy do more than encourage self-expression. Developing (or rediscovering) a talent for art can improve self-esteem after the spiritually crushing experience of addiction. Everyone walks a different path to addiction recovery. Alternative healing helps fulfill your loved one’s unique needs. (Photo via)

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