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What Are Blue Blossoms?

If you are the loved one of a recovering addict — and especially if your loved one is a smoker — you need to pay attention to the latest trend sweeping the streets. Blue blossoms, a legal synthetic drug that is available in many smoke and head shops across the country, is a liquid formula developed for use in electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, it is also easily manipulated, and apparently, addictive. Useless Warnings The electronic cigarette or e-cig industry is booming. Manufacturers claim to have found a satisfying and safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, causing nicotine addicts to flock to e-cigs in droves. Unfortunately, the liquid drug that e-cigs use — known on the street as blue blossoms — also causes a high similar to marijuana, spice or ecstasy. The packaging features a useless warning — “Not for human consumption” — which abusers, naturally, ignore. Perhaps the biggest issue with blue blossoms is that this drug reinforces the notion that legal drugs are safe. When used, blue blossoms produce a burst of euphoria, raised heart rate, and changes in perception of time and awareness. Because the drug is new, scientists and addiction professionals don’t know what the long term effects of abuse are. The long-term ramifications of drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy or MDMA are well known; drugs such as spice (synthetic marijuana or herbal incense) and blue blossoms are untested. Because blue blossoms and spice are both legal, they are easily available — and extraordinarily dangerous, especially to the recovering addict. Avoiding Relapse Many rehabilitation centers look the other way when it comes to nicotine addiction, because their professionals believe that when it comes to substance abuse, nicotine is the lesser of two evils. However, with the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes and the potential for abuse and relapse that exists with its liquid filler, it’s time to pay closer attention to this habit-forming drug. Blue blossoms do not produce smoke or an obvious odor, unlike nicotine cigarettes and marijuana. If you notice signs of abuse — such as neglected responsibilities, a lack of motivation, secretive behaviors, and questionable spending habits — call The Ranch PA for help immediately. (Photo via)

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