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Does Tramadol Help Opiate Withdrawal, and what are the Symptoms?

Getting over an addiction to opiates is difficult, but tramadol may be able to help by reducing the symptoms of withdrawal. There are so many things that make recovering from drug abuse so challenging. The terrible, uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms of withdrawal can sabotage even the most serious attempts to quit using opiate drugs. But some medicines, like tramadol, help opiate withdrawal symptoms manifest less severely and give addicts the chance to get clean and ready for recovery.

Tramadol Is a Painkiller

You might be surprised to find out that tramadol, also known as Ultram, is actually a painkiller, just like many of the opiates that people abuse. Doctors prescribe tramadol for people with moderate to severe pain that is either acute or chronic. What sets tramadol apart from the highly addictive opiate painkillers is that it is weaker. Abuse of tramadol is much less likely than with other prescribed narcotics. So can tramadol help with opiate withdrawal? Some addiction specialists believe it can. If it works for you, tramadol might be a useful tool to help you quit abusing drugs.

Does Tramadol Help With Opiate Withdrawal?

Traditional recovery philosophy says that you should never give an addict more drugs, but this idea is changing. If medications can help addicts quit, why shouldn’t we use them? Withdrawal from any drug is excruciating and particularly so with opiates. Your mind and body are craving the drug. Everything is working against you, and your body is telling you to use again. If those terrible withdrawal symptoms can be minimized, you will have a much better chance of quitting. What makes tramadol useful for this purpose is its similarity to opiates and the fact that it isn’t as potent as the opiates that you abuse. You can take it under supervision of a doctor, and it will act like an opiate. Your brain is satisfied to some extent, and the severity of your withdrawal decreases. Because of this effect, tramadol has great potential to be a tool and an ally in your recovery from opiate addiction.

Using Tramadol

If you want to stop abusing opiates and to get on the path to sobriety, but the fear of withdrawal is holding you back, talk to your doctor about tramadol. If you are thinking of using a detox center or going to rehab to get clean, find a facility that uses tramadol and ask about the process. It may not be the right choice for everyone, but if you discuss it with the right healthcare professionals, you can find out if tramadol is a good idea for your detox. Tramadol for opiate withdrawal is a newer idea in addiction medicine, but one that is gaining traction. Withdrawal is a major stumbling block for addicts and it holds people back from making positive changes. With tramadol you could get sober and be ready for rehab and recovery.

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