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Can Hypnosis Help During Addiction Recovery?

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind and body intervention, during which hypnosis is used to create a state of deep calm, highly-focused attention to an affliction, and highly increased susceptibility to suggestion to help in the treatment of a medical or psychological concern. Many have successfully quit smoking cigarettes with assistance from hypnotherapy, and it has been shown to be useful in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction as well. Still, hypnotherapy should be a facet of a larger treatment and recovery plan.

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Understanding Addiction

At the hypnotherapy program in Hanover, PA, therapists routinely meet good people who have simply become addicted to substances. Many people thought they were in control until one day, they woke up to withdrawal symptoms. That’s when they learned that they weren’t in control after all. Now, they’re trying to quit using. However, because drug chemicals make changes in the brain and cause deep physical and mental dependence, it is incredibly difficult to quit. You’re dealing with physical and psychological addiction. Professional assistance makes it possible to break the hold that drugs have on you, and the safest way to start your recovery journey is at an addiction treatment center.

There, you will be able to safely detox and withdraw under medical supervision before you start treatment and the recovery process. A professionally trained staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have the tools you need to begin your journey to recovery with many specialized and individualized treatment options, therapies including hypnosis, and support programs.

Can Hypnosis Help During Addiction Recovery?

Hypnosis is an alternative care approach. Not many rehab facilities offer it. However, the ones that do frequently see good results. How does hypnotherapy work? An experienced hypnotherapist helps you relax your mind and body, and following their guidance puts you in a suggestive state. The therapist now makes positive reinforcement statements about long-term recovery.

While hypnotherapy can help in recovery, it’s not a treatment that can stand alone. It works best when combined with a full treatment and recovery plan.

Adding Hypnosis to an Evidence-Based Care Protocol

How does hypnotherapy work at a good-quality rehab facility? Caring therapists put together a set of evidence-based treatments. Doing so is instrumental in helping you overcome addiction. Examples include:

Adding on holistic approaches is a good option as well. They augment the treatments by providing you with a whole-person healing approach. Hypnotherapy is one of these options. However, you must understand that not everyone is a good subject for hypnosis. For this reason, therapists won’t make it a primary modality. Some people have an easy time slipping into a suggestive state. For others, it takes longer. There are a few who never get there. That’s okay. It also explains why you can’t rely on self-hypnosis to overcome addiction. Initially, you need the guidance of a therapist to reach the suggestive state. Besides that, you need to learn how to put yourself into it. Therefore, it’s essential to work with a hypnotherapist. Since it can’t stand alone as the only treatment for addiction, it’s crucial to undergo the other modalities, too. Doing so is possible at a good-quality rehab center. Select a facility that also offers medical detox onsite. It allows you to break the physical addiction right then and there.

Try Hypnosis for Your Recovery at The Ranch

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can make a significant difference in your approach to long-term recovery if the modality works for you. Find out today if you’re a good candidate, and explore all of our addiction treatment options by contacting us at 717.969.9126 today for more information.

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