12-Step Approach

Person sitting down and studying moral inventory examples

Moral Inventory Examples

In substance abuse treatment, many clients benefit from peer support. This can come in therapy or another group model like a 12-step program. Peer support gives clients accountability, helpful feedback, and a sense of community. The 12-step model, in particular, offers the benefit of a framework for completing a moral inventory. This refers to a […]

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Person with arms raised outdoors celebrating doing a moral inventory and recovery from addiction

Moral Inventory and Recovery

If you or a loved one is considering beginning the journey toward freedom from substance abuse, know that this choice is commendable. While the road to recovery is never easy, great resources exist to help. Among the many great offerings available are 12-step programs, which link various self-reflective and transformative processes—such as doing a moral

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Person with hands on their face as they're being confronted with their defects of character

What Are Defects of Character?

One of the most potent aspects of recovery from substance abuse is self-reflection. The 12-step program model includes self-reflection and has served countless individuals on the journey of addiction recovery since the 1930s. This model is effective because it helps participants identify defects of character or unhelpful coping mechanisms.If you’d like to learn more about

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people in group therapy circle understand how a 12 step program helps recovery

Understanding How a 12-Step Program Helps Recovery

Addiction is a disease. As such, it can strike anyone at any time; it doesn’t discriminate. But like any disease, substance abuse or addiction is highly treatable. Thus, what matters most is finding the right support and help to recover. If you or someone you know has a drug or alcohol addiction, learning how a

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A woman comforts a friend at a 12 step program

How a 12-Step Program Can Assist in Recovery

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, many steps await you. And you must take these one step at a time, to achieve your long-term sobriety and recovery goals. A 12-step program leads you systematically through each step to support your commitments to yourself and those you love.Recovery Ranch has compassionate professionals

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What Are Non 12 Step Recovery Programs?

With addiction treatment options increasing every year, more people are asking themselves “What are non 12 step recovery programs?” 12 Step programs have been the standard for years. Often, when we see addiction treatment in movies and TV, we are seeing a 12 Step program in action. This has had the effect of making these

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