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Childhood Trauma and Treatment for Alcoholism

To effectively treat alcoholism, one must uncover the underlying issues that have attributed to and trigger addiction. With our in-patient alcohol treatment program, we take a holistic approach to bringing these complicated issues to light so true healing can begin. A recent study supports the importance of our treatment for alcoholism by establishing a strong correlation between childhood trauma and this particular type of addiction. The study is found in the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research (ACER) publication. It involved a total of 196 patients, both men and women, who were undergoing detoxification for alcohol abuse. The study outlines childhood trauma as any form of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. It also includes physical and emotional neglect in its scope. The central revelation in this research is that adults afflicted with alcoholism and exhibiting anxiety disorders, depression or suicidal tendencies had higher rates of abuse and neglect than those not burdened with addiction. Among the general population, there is only 8.4% for physical abuse and 6% for sexual abuse. But with male alcoholic patients the rates are 24% and 12% respectively, while with female patients it is 33% and 49%. It is also noted that findings are a little vague when it comes to emotional abuse and physical and emotional neglect as these are harder to define and mostly less reported. An effective treatment program for alcohol dependency and abuse needs to take into account such major factors as childhood trauma. Since accompanying mental disorders are also a common outcome of abuse and neglect, dual diagnosis is highly relevant as well. The Ranch PA specializes in dual diagnosis and provides a complete approach to rehabilitation so your loved one has the best chance of finding his or her own path to recovery. (photo via)

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