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How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab Facility for You

When it comes to choosing a rehabilitation facility, there is no doubt that one size definitely does not fit all. Choosing an effective drug rehab for you or your loved one’s needs depends largely on the methods of treatment, the types of amenities preferred, the opportunities for holistic growth, and a variety of other important factors. If you’re researching the best drug rehabs and aren’t sure where to begin, explore these suggestions — and welcome your journey to a successful lifelong recovery with a compassionate, cutting edge approach. The Therapeutic Approach First and foremost, for the vast majority of addicts, the types and breadth of therapies used during rehabilitation will have the most profound effect on recovery. Although some have found success with the decades-old 12-step technique, modern addiction science agrees that this program — which demonstrates a blame-the-addict mentality in the event of relapse — doesn’t work for many, if not most, recovering addicts. Cutting edge alcohol and drug rehab programs instead rely on a variety of holistic therapies that treat the whole self, not just the symptoms of addiction. Just as beating cancer is different from one person to the next, so is beating addiction; Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Contingency Management are just some of the most recent therapeutic techniques shown to positively influence the mind of the substance abuser. Amenities and Activities A holistic treatment center carefully incorporates a range of amenities and activities into the overall recovery picture so reengaging with a satisfying, sober lifestyle doesn’t feel like a terrible chore. Choosing a rehab center based on its available amenities, therefore, means more to the recovery process than one might otherwise think. For example, the creative soul would likely appreciate activities such as Art Therapy and Music Therapy. Those who once enjoyed exercising or spending time outdoors will count reconnecting with those activities chief among the reasons to stay sober, and aspiring foodies won’t feel satisfied in recovery without delicious, satisfying meals. Tailoring the amenities to once-loved activities helps make the recovery process smoother. Family Matters Although the addict does the primary work of substance abuse recovery himself, the addict’s family is also in need of healing. As a result, choosing a facility that incorporates family therapy may be essential — especially if a strong, supportive aftercare environment is of the utmost importance. The point is, don’t just pick a rehab facility based on location or someone else’s experience. Instead, take time to really explore your options — because a successful, sober lifestyle depends on it.

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