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Reports Show that Cocaine Use is Down

Statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health have shown that the use of cocaine in the United States has declined sharply. The survey showed that between 2006 and 2010 there was a 37 percent fall in the use of this drug. This result is corroborated by separate data from Quest Diagnostics Inc, which found that there was a decrease of 65 percent in the number of workplace drug tests that showed cocaine use. The reasons behind this fall are complex, but one factor is surely the efforts of the Columbian government to reduce the supply of the drug. As Columbia is the source of over 90 percent of US cocaine, the decrease in production of over 60 percent from 2001 levels has caused the price of cocaine to fall, while the available supply has become more impure. Unfortunately, this just means that major drug cartels have diversified into the supply of other drugs, such as methamphetamines, and other illegal practices such as human trafficking. However, this falling consumption does not mean there is no longer a demand for cocaine, or that cocaine is no longer available. It just means that the price of feeding an addiction has risen and that the dangers of the drug have become more severe, as the drug is more likely to have been adulterated with even more harmful substances. Cocaine abuse is a serious problem, with risks of severe mood swings, paranoia and other psychological effects in addition to physical effects such as tachycardia. This is without considering the harmful effects of any unknown substances that contaminate the drug. Sadly, the effects of withdrawal can also be highly damaging with depression, anxiety and pain common. While the reduction in price and rise in impurities may spur those with cocaine abuse problems to try and find a path to recovery, the effects of withdrawal can make this a difficult and prolonged process if undertaken without help. Long term drug rehab allows for the road to recovery to be found in a supportive, knowledgeable environment. For the rich and famous, or a high-earning executive, drug rehab can help to separate them from temptation. After all, those who have the funds to feed their addiction even at today’s high prices are those most in need of support and care. (photo via)

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