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Curing Addiction with a Pill?

A new pill called Nalmefene has been created and reportedly can significantly decrease one’s desire to consume alcohol. It works by blocking particular receptors in our brain that produce the feeling of pleasure from drinking alcoholic beverages. It is being pushed as the pill that could cure alcohol or opioid drug addiction. Is this good news? It would probably depend on how you view the problem of substance abuse. If alcohol and drug addiction was simply a medical issue, then Nalmefene or any other similarly functioning pharmaceutical could be called the latest miracle of science. Unfortunately addiction is not that simple a problem. When a drug is used to counteract dependency on another drug or addictive substance, doesn’t that just add another node of dependency? Based on reported tests, the new pill is effective. It can even induce acute withdrawal symptoms hence the side effects of nausea and vomiting. Nalmefene can certainly make drinking alcohol an undesirable experience. But has the alcoholism been treated? When the prescription for this counteracting drug is finally stopped, will the person suffering from addiction be finally sober for life? There’s a reason why our long term drug rehab uses a holistic approach that includes various treatment modalities. This is because there are other factors besides medical causes that need to be considered in treating substance abuse. Other than doctors and nurses, the dedicated staff of our private drug rehab center includes drug counselors, psychiatrists, therapists, physical trainers, and life coaches. Each of these professionals specializes in addressing an aspect of the afflicted person’s rehabilitation. We take great care to customize treatment plans to fit the specific situation of each client. The point is to treat the whole person. Substance abuse is not just some illness that goes away by taking another pill. (photo via)

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