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Do I Have Lifeskills?

You may have heard someone mention life skills training and wonder to yourself, “Do I have lifeskills?”  As we grow and reach milestones throughout life, we gain many skills. These can be as simple as knowing how to cook a traditional meal, going on a job interview, or handling a bank account. For most people, these skills develop over time. Many people with addictions, however, started down the road at an early age and never learned the skills naturally. This is where many rehab programs must offer life skills classes. If you have to ask ‘Do I have lifeskills’ you probably don’t have all the ones you need. This is where you need to find out in which areas you may be lacking the necessary skills.

Do I have LifeSkills in General Areas?

Some of the most basic skills can fall aside when during an addiction. They are also some of the first signs of major depression or other mental health breakdowns. As yourself, how well you do things like planning a menu, creating a shopping list from it, and purchasing and cooking the meals. Do you sleep regularly and make sure your clothing and body is clean? All of these are things many people take for granted, but for those without the proper life skills, they can be chores. Most include time management. Other things that fall into this category are regular medical visits and an exercise routine. Basically, how well do you manage to create a routine that will help you stay physically and emotionally healthy?

Do I have LifeSkills in the Social Arena?

This is the one life skills area that people have the most difficulty with. In it are things like making and keeping friends, learning to manage emotions such as anger, and holding a conversation. Consider the ways you deal with stress and ask yourself if you have healthy ways to do this. Self-esteem often grows when we have good social life skills. It is important to be able to connect with other people, whether it is family, friends, or co-workers. Learning to express your thoughts and emotions in productive ways will help you avoid misunderstandings and help you find emotional support in times of need.

Do I have LifeSkills in Financial Matters?

Financial life skills can cover a wide area. At the minimum, you should know how to apply for a job and manage an interview. Do you understand what it takes to be a good employee? Knowing how to make and follow a budget also falls into this category. When we are stretched too far financially, the stress affects every other of life. In order not to fall into a money trap, you can’t get out of, you need to understand how to figure priorities in your spending. Finally, being able to manage a checking or savings account is important. While you may pay cash for most things, the world is turning more into using debit cards. Keeping track of balances is essential.

Turning to The Ranch PA

At The Ranch PA, our clients come to us with a wide variety of needs, including many who need to learn or relearn life skills. Sometimes there is only one area that needs to be worked on, and other times every area can use some work. Knowing these proper life skills will help you or your loved one follow the path of sobriety much easier. Contact us 717.969.9126 and take that first step toward a drug and alcohol-free life. We are here and ready to help you.

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