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How Common is a Drug Free Workplace?

Most employers have rules and regulations to prevent drug use in the work place. Many employers even administer drug tests in an effort to maintain sober, dependable employees. Sadly, despite these preventative measures, a true “drug free workplace” is more of a myth than reality.

Working Addicts

The truth is over 70 percent of the people who use drugs are employed and maintain steady jobs. And they are working in all industries and positions, from those who serve at McDonalds to CEO’s of major companies. Drug use in any type of work place is dangerous and can lead to theft, critical mistakes and more. One of the most common types of drugs used in the work place is prescription pills. Almost everyone has some kind of prescription. When you get a lot of people together, like at work, it is easy to borrow, swap or even sell prescription drugs. While many people may not plan to become addicted, one experimental use of a drug can lead to a life altering addiction.

Wearing a Mask

It is fairly easy for working individuals to hide their drug use. The simple fact they have a job makes it seem unlikely they would be drug users. You may think, “Bob, from accounting, no way he could be on drugs. He works every day!” The working man mask makes drug use that much easier to cover. Individuals in power positions often find it even easier to conceal their drug use. Executives and CEO’s have more space and freedom to use drugs. With frequent traveling, it may be hard for anyone to keep up with what they’re doing. Not to mention, anyone who did find out about their drug use would be afraid to say anything for fear of losing their job.

What to Look For

If you think someone in your workplace may have a drug problem, don’t ignore the signs! Drug use in the workplace affects everyone involved. You won’t be helping anyone by enabling drug use in the workplace. Many employers will work to help employees with addictions, such as assisting with admission to treatment at our executive alcohol rehab center. Executive drug rehab is designed for working professionals who have developed an addiction. Signs of drug use in the work place include missing work frequently, being involved in on-the-job accidents, decreased productivity, overreactions to criticisms, physical signs (such as exhaustion or hyperactivity) and slurred speech. Being aware of drug use in the work place will make your professional life safer and more enjoyable. (Photo via)

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