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The Startling Truth: CDC Reports More Americans Die from Drug Overdoses than Car Accidents

A recent report from the CDC reveals a new, startling trend in America: more people die from drug overdoses than in car accidents. The study shows that since 2008 poisoning remains the number one cause of accidental death, replacing car accidents. Of these poisonings, it is no surprise to find that 90% of them were caused by prescription painkillers.

Painkillers are a Leading Cause of Death in America

If you are using painkillers, you may not realize how serious the drug is, especially given the fact they are often prescribed by doctors. However, painkillers can be extremely dangerous, especially when used improperly and without medical supervision. The number of deaths caused by painkillers has skyrocketed from about 4,000 in 1999 to over 15,000 in 2008 alone. The people who lost their lives from using prescription painkillers most likely did not realize the gravity of their situation. Thankfully, if you are using painkillers, you can get help.

The Real Problem behind Prescription Painkillers

Painkillers have gained a flawed reputation of being safe. People are more likely to use painkillers than traditional street drugs because painkillers are provided by doctors, giving them greater social acceptance. Even those using painkillers without a doctor prescription feel less like they are taking drugs and more as if they are self-medicating. Moving into 2012, the abuse of painkillers needs to be addressed from all angles. Doctors need to take extra steps when prescribing them. They need to ensure their patient is not likely to abuse the drug, explain the importance of using it only as directed, and follow-up to ensure the painkillers are not being over-used or abused. American society needs to bring to the social conscious forefront the severity of the painkiller abuse in this country. We should not accept its over-use and abuse. We should consider it as dangerous as any illicit street drug, even if we receive a prescription to take it.

What You Can Do

If you have found you’ve become dependent on painkillers, the sooner you get help from drug rehab, the easier it will be to regain your life. At The Ranch PA, we offer a specialized treatment plan designed to wean you off the prescription painkillers while at the same time addressing the pain that caused your addiction in the first place. Instead of relying on synthetic chemicals, you’ll gain the tools you need to learn how to deal with your chronic pain in a healthy way.

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