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Executive Recovery Programs at The Ranch PA

The Ranch PA was created following my own experiences with addiction and inpatient treatment. Having been not only a business owner but also a husband and a father when I went into treatment, I particularly wanted to make sure we could accommodate the needs of executives, which include professional and personal elements.

Understanding the Needs of Executives in Treatment

At The Ranch PA, we cater to each client’s individual needs by offering customized programs blended with various therapies in order to find the best plan for achieving specific treatment goals. In addition to cognitive behavioral-based talk therapies, we incorporate experiential therapies such as neuro biofeedback, art therapy, and music therapy as well as physical healing modalities such as fitness therapy. Executives often need to be in contact with both their families and businesses. Our therapy team can help find the right balance in this area so that outside contact does not hinder recovery and therapeutic progress. Incorporating this contact into one’s life and routine while in a treatment program can be very beneficial for executives. Learning to balance business and family relationships can simplify a client’s transition after they leave inpatient treatment.

The Cottage: an Exclusive Executive Recovery Program at The Ranch PA

Recently, we’ve further expanded what we offer business professionals by adding an exclusive executive recovery program called The Cottage at The Ranch PA. The additional facility only serves six clients at any given time, and each has a private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, providing privacy for clients concerned with maintaining their confidentiality while concentrating on their recovery. The programs include a customized individual treatment plan and a minimum of 20 hours of one-on-one sessions each week. Clients at The Cottage receive one-on-one sessions that are longer in duration than those offered at The Ranch PA, adding to the intensity of The Cottage program. Clients will also receive a minimum of 15 hours of customized mini-group sessions in a variety of modalities including addiction education, psychodramatic therapy, and more.

Along with 24-hour medical care, clients will have access to the same amenities as The Ranch PA clients, including groups and activities. The new facility also includes a conference room for conducting business meetings via video conferencing. With a flexible yet intensive schedule, clients will learn how to balance their personal and professional commitments by keeping in contact with business and loved ones via cell phone, laptop, and video conferencing. As we offer the most cutting-edge modalities in progressive addiction treatment, our hope is that we can improve our clients’ quality of life by not only treating their minds, bodies, and souls but also by giving them the opportunity to strengthen their personal and professional relationships and commitments. (Photo via)

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