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Families of Substance Abusers Encourage Long-Term Drug Rehab

Substance abuse not only affects the person involved, but also family members as well. Parents, siblings and children of addicts can have a difficult time as they watch their loved one spiraling down into a destructive and potentially fatal lifestyle. When the substance abuser is unresponsive to fervent pleas to get help, it can cause much stress and feelings of helplessness in all who love them.

Heather Locklear’s Family Urges Her to Go to a Drug Recovery Center

Pop Blend notes the frantic 911 call of the sister of Heather Locklear, which resulted in the celebrity’s stay in an intensive care unit. Although the actress is now home, she is reportedly resisting urging by her family to receive treatment from a drug recovery center or medical facility. The experience of the loved ones of this celebrity is typical to that of many families of substance abusers across the country. We certainly wish Ms. Locklear well in her recovery.

Help for Families

In choosing a long-term drug rehab facility, it is best to look for one with a family therapist. This therapy can not only help with family issues contributing to the substance abuse, but it can provide some support for the substance abuser’s love ones. Joining a support group for families of drug and alcohol abusers is another valuable source of help. Connecting with other families who understand what you are going through can be comforting. Also, sharing with others who have suffered through similar experiences can be instructive, as it can bring fresh insights into the situation. Just as substance abusers are obsessed with drugs and alcohol, so also their families are often obsessed with their loved one who is enmeshed in this destructive habit. Such families can benefit greatly from having a supportive network. Photo by: Alan Light

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