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Have You Found Yourself Quarantined With An Alcoholic Spouse?

Problems are easily hidden during quarantine. Being home during quarantine with an alcoholic spouse is not easy. You may not have noticed your spouse was an alcoholic, or you avoided the truth. Now, you cannot avoid your spouse’s alcoholism. You have no distractions, and this unique situation continues to bring you in direct contact with your spouse’s alcoholism.

Your spouse may have become an alcoholic during this pandemic. Various factors contribute to increased alcohol use. One of those factors is having time on your hands with nothing to do but focus on problems. Financial hardship has reached epic levels during the pandemic, as well. Problems that may have been glossed over due to the busyness of the family have ceased. All of the problems of each family member are glaringly apparent when you are at home with them all day. Understanding these issues is the first step to conquering them through alcohol addiction treatment.

What Is Co-Dependency?

You may find that you and your spouse have a co-dependent relationship. Now that you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse, you might notice some co-dependent behaviors. Co-dependency is a behavior that pervades families across the globe. Generally, co-dependent people have low self-esteem and are constantly looking outside of themselves to help them feel better. Alcohol abuse and drug abuse are common behaviors among co-dependent people. Co-dependent’s low self-esteem leads to alcohol and drug abuse to feel better about themselves. There is generally a “benefactor” in the co-dependent relationship who repeatedly rescues the “dependent” person in the relationship. It is a toxic cycle that leaves both people in the relationship in peril.

Some characteristics of co-dependent people are as follows:

  • People tend to confuse love and pity
  • They are looking for someone to rescue so that they can feel better about themselves
  • The dependent person is looking for someone to take care of them so that they can feel better about themselves
  • Co-dependent people go above and beyond and do more than their fair share of work in the relationship
  • Their need for approval and recognition is extreme
  • The co-dependent has a driving need to control other people
  • Intense fear of being abandoned or being alone

If you see yourself or your spouse exhibiting one or more of these characteristics reaching out for help is a wise decision. If co-dependency is left untreated, it can cause other issues to flare up into challenging and difficult problems. Finding the right treatment means you’re serious about improving your relationship.

How To Know If You Are Your Spouses Co-Dependent

Relationships are complex. It is imperative to have professional guidance when determining if you and your spouse are having a co-dependent relationship. Being quarantined with an alcoholic spouse gives you extra time to explore these issues. Contact the professional staff at Recovery Ranch PA to determine if your spouse can enter treatment. Co-dependency issues can be discussed while your spouse is receiving alcohol treatment. In this way, both you and your spouse can get the treatment necessary to not only address issues as a couple but as individuals.

Can Recovery Ranch PA Help My Spouse And My Family?

Recovery Ranch has extensive treatment options for drugs, alcohol, and mental health issues. Some of the programming we offer:

Contact our staff around the clock to receive an evaluation for treatment if you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse. We understand that making this move is not easy, and we want to make you feel comfortable on this new journey. Call 717.969.9126 today.

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