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A Healthy Diet for a Successful Recovery

Addiction takes a terrible toll on your loved one’s health. Often food and nutrition take a backseat to finding and consuming drugs and alcohol. As a result, many people enter drug rehab clinics with serious nutritional deficiencies that may not become apparent until after detox. Nutritional deficiencies can adversely affect addiction recovery. The body and mind heal faster when fed a healthy, nutritious diet. Good food also soothes the spirit, producing feelings of contentment and restoring enjoyment of life.

Healthy Drug Rehab

At The Ranch PA, addressing nutritional problems is a standard part of healthy drug rehab. The process starts during admission, when a physician identifies any nutritional deficiencies your loved one may have. Throughout therapy your loved one’s dietary needs are overseen by our professional chef and kitchen staff, who emphasize the use of organic and natural produce. Regaining control over personal needs is an important aspect of healthy addiction rehab. In addition to improving overall health, your loved one has access to personal nutrition counseling and cooking classes. A commitment to healthy eating reduces the risk of nutritional deficiencies, which, in turn, can affect mood and encourage relapse.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can complicate addiction recovery. In addition to dietary counseling, our therapists help your loved one address eating disorders through emotional and cognitive therapy. Nutritional counseling also helps prevent recovering addicts from transferring their emotional needs from substance abuse to food.

Enjoying Meals

In the throes of addiction, your loved one may have forgotten the simple act of enjoying good food. Many drugs rob people of the ability to feel pleasure without the drug, a condition known as anhedonia. Enjoying food is one of humanity’s most basic pleasures, and often one of the first to resurface during addiction recovery. Your loved one may have dietary restrictions, either due to health, religious beliefs, or personal values. Our chefs and nutritional specialists accommodate dietary restrictions while still serving healthy, gourmet meals. Photo: kozumel

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