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Heroin Use on the Rise in Suburbia

One of the most dangerous and addictive drugs, heroin, is usually expected in lower-income areas and seldom a problem in modern suburbia. However, times are changing and heroin use is spreading into just about every town across the country. In the past, heroin was seen as one of the more intense drugs that was too risky for many casual drug users. Marijuana, painkillers, alcohol and even cocaine were much more popular in upscale communities. Statistics now show heroin use is on the rise all over America, with overdoses from 2009 almost doubling from the decade before. A Cheaper Fix One of the main reasons heroin use is increasing is the rising cost of prescription opiates. Users of prescription painkillers are finding heroin is significantly cheaper and provides a more powerful high. What many users do not realize is heroin is also more dangerous than prescription pills. Heroin is an opiate, just like painkillers, so users feel they are getting the same fix for a fraction of the price. But, heroin is a much stronger drug that is unreliable in terms of potency. While one batch of heroin may not be too strong, another may be extremely potent resulting in overdose. Heroin is also usually taken intravenously (it is injected straight into the blood stream). “Shooting” it causes a more intense high, but also a more intense effect on the body … which also means a higher risk of a potentially lethal overdose. Forming an Addiction Opiates like painkillers are some of the most addictive drugs available, which is why there are so many Americans currently addicted to prescription pills. Heroin is even more addictive than painkillers, so it is no surprise many of the people choosing to try heroin become extreme addicts. Heroin addiction is notorious for completely destroying lives and leaving addicts on the streets. And one of the biggest risks is the spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis as heroin users often share needles. If someone you know is falling prey to heroin, reach out to them before the addiction destroys their life. Inform them of the dangers of this drug and contact us to learn more about the available treatment options. (Photo via)

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