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An Integrated Approach to Addiction Treatment

All too often, people think that the best way to tackle a substance abuse problem is to focus only on the physical aspects of addiction and the specific substance or substances to which they are addicted. However, this approach ignores the fact that a person is more than their addiction, and that their whole life and person must be treated as an integrated system. Holistic drug treatment centers its approach with an understanding of this whole-body philosophy. Rather than simply looking at one aspect of addiction, your treatment focuses on you as a whole individual with physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological needs. It is through this holistic method of treatment that The Ranch PA helps you to find your path to recovery.

What to Know About Holistic Treatment

In many cases, those who have had problems with drug or alcohol abuse find that a period of recovery is followed by a relapse, whether with the same substance as before or a new addiction. Holistic drug treatment helps you to rebuild yourself as a person, healing your emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds as well as supporting you through your physical recovery, to give you the foundation you need to prevent another relapse. Addiction is complex and every person walks a different path to recovery. Some individuals might need treatment for a co-occurring disorder such as depression. Others may need help recovering from a painful injury without the use of painkillers. Many people cope with problem relationships, legal troubles, and health consequences resulting from drug abuse or alcoholism. Holistic treatment takes all of these issues into account and more. It is a comprehensive approach that is tailored to your unique needs. Here’s an example: Imagine you began drinking heavily after the death of a loved one. At first it was only every once in a while. But as your depression deepened, you began drinking more and more because it was the only time you felt good. Pretty soon, you started hanging out only with people who like to drink as much as you do. You wake up in the mornings and don’t remember anything. To get through the day, you drink here and there. Eventually, you feel sick and anxious when you are sober — so you drink more to relieve the discomfort. When you arrive at rehab, you will detox from alcohol safely with medically assisted detox. You will get treatment for depression as you learn to cope with your sadness, and practice techniques that help you relieve stress and temptation. You will also start to reengage with the activities you once loved, and rebuild trust with those who love you the most.

Find your Own Path to Recovery

Holistic drug treatment centers on giving you tools that you can use throughout your life, helping you to avoid old ways of thought that could lead you to relapse. You can re-engage with healthy, productive activities, such as musical expression and physical sports, so as to rebalance your mind, body and spirit. Rather than neglecting your spiritual and emotional treatment, you can combine this recovery with the physical aspects of your treatment, helping to tackle both the physical and psychological elements. Why not get the help that addresses all aspects of your struggles? With holistic treatment, you can find your path to recovery. Photo: The Ranch PA

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