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Why Holistic Drug Treatment Is the Best Option for You

Drug rehabilitation once focused on detox and therapy to prevent relapse. While important aspects of treatment, neither fully addressed the needs of recovering addicts. Therapy was (and still is in some clinics) based on a cookie-cutter approach. Everyone receives the same treatment, ignoring individual needs and the many different triggers for substance abuse. Today, you have a more effective option: holistic drug treatment.

Holistic Healing Methods

Holistic treatment focuses on you as a complete individual—body, mind, and spirit. Instead of forcing you to fit a predetermined treatment regimen, holistic drug rehab tailors your treatment, therapy, and recovery to match your personal needs. Holistic healing recognizes substance abuse disorders don’t affect just your mental well-being, despite their classification as mental disorders. In addition to drug-related health complications, addiction weakens your overall health and ravages your body. You need time— and opportunity—to recover your strength. Equally important, substance abuse wears down your spirit. Feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiety are common in recovering addicts. By strengthening your spirit, holistic healing methods better prepare you for life after recovery. Feeling good about yourself and your new-found sobriety helps you resist when you’re tempted to return to substance abuse.

Examples of Holistic Drug Treatment

Upon entering a holistic rehab facility, you need detox, in which clinical staff helps you reduce and control any withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision. Once “dry,” you coordinate with your recovery team to devise a treatment plan based on your needs. You’re involved at every step of the process—which in itself is a powerful tool for recovering control of your life. When was the last time you felt in control? If you’re a very private person, you may prefer one-on-one therapy instead of group work. In therapy, you explore the root cause of your addiction, identifying events or circumstances that trigger your drug abuse. You then learn alternate behavior and thought patterns designed to counter those specific triggers. Physically, you may decide to start swimming or begin a more intense aerobic workout. Perhaps you used to weight train before addiction overran your life. Maybe you enjoyed running or hiking. Holistic healing methods allow you to explore and rediscover physical activity, strengthening your body after substance abuse and helping to restore your ability to enjoy life. Spiritually, holistic treatment offers meditation and relaxation exercises. If you prefer, you can take part in music or art therapy to explore your emotions, hopes, and dreams.

Unconventional but Effective

Holistic drug treatment may be seen as unconventional by traditional rehab clinics, but while it’s not a conventional treatment, it offers the best outcomes. Addiction affects us all differently: the events that triggered your addiction are unique to you. Your journey to clarity needs to reflect this vital fact. (Photo via)

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