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Holistic Treatment of the Day: Acupressure

Many people in holistic circles are familiar with what is typically known as “acupuncture,” or the insertion and manipulation of needles in the body to relieve pain and help with an array of other mental and physical ailments. More recently, a practice known as “acupressure” has been gaining momentum in the holistic world. This is a traditional Chinese remedy that acts as an alternative to acupuncture. The most notable difference from its counterpart is its lack of needle use in treatment. For those who struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns, acupressure may be a helpful addition to traditional treatment methods. When used as part of comprehensive addiction treatment programs, acupressure can provide significant relief from withdrawal symptoms and cravings, as well as help to ease the anxiety and stress that often accompany addiction recovery.

What Is Acupressure?

According to Eastern medicine, when a person’s Qi is blocked, they can suffer from an array of ailments that may be better treated by attempting to restore balance throughout the body. Acupressure is used to find points on the body and by applying pressure, restores energy flow that has been blocked or negatively affected. It is most similar to traditional Japanese shiatsu because both focus on the use of specific pressure points in the body that, when relaxed, can help a person’s overall health and well-being.

The area of the body experiencing symptoms may not necessarily be the section that is treated. In acupressure, the body point that will be treated is determined by the traditional meridian system, which is the life energy path that allows the body’s Chi to flow.

There are two main channels within the meridian system. The first is the jingmai, or the main meridian channels. The second is the luomai, or collateral vessels. Each of these channels includes other meridians and vessel systems. Each system is associated with various internal organs and regions of the body. Since the meridian network is based on the human body, the system corresponds to the body’s interconnected relationship between structure and organs.

How Can Acupressure Help in Addiction Recovery?

Acupressure often works in tandem with traditional medicine. If someone suffers from severe allergies or sinus pressure headaches, they might consider pressing at the base of their nose or the top of each inner eyebrow. These techniques can help relieve pressure in the sinuses and forehead. Since acupressure is considered safe and effective, it’s an appealing method to pair with other medical treatments. There are no side effects, and it does not challenge other treatments or medications. All it takes is knowledge of the body’s pressure points and the ability to apply pressure to certain areas.

For example, a headache might be relieved by pressing the section of your palm between the thumb and index finger on the left hand with the index finger and thumb on the right. Chinese remedies can be helpful in the recovery process because they provide a complementary alternative to traditional medicines, or they can be used in tandem with other recovery techniques. When pressure is applied properly to certain areas of the body, it can:

  • Improve the nervous system
  • Boost immunity
  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help with sleep deprivation
  • Ease withdrawal symptoms
  • Alleviate cravings

Acupressure is not a cure-all, but it can provide significant and noticeable relief for those in addiction recovery.

How We Use Acupressure in Our Addiction Therapy Programs

As a holistic rehab center, The Ranch PA focuses on the recovery from drug and alcohol abuse as well as creating a stronger, healthier mind and body in the process. Other holistic techniques we offer include fitness therapy and a balanced diet. Acupressure is another tool to create a calm mind and body, and it may be able to help loved ones maintain their strength as they continue in their recovery process.

By implementing these practices while a person is battling their drug and alcohol addiction, they are able to better respond to the stresses associated with addiction. Through these techniques, as well as traditional ones, they gain strength and clarity in their recovery process.

Reach Out to The Ranch PA Today

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s time to reach out for help. Our addiction recovery programs are geared toward providing the best results through a variety of methods, including acupressure. To learn more about our programs and what we can do to help, contact us today at 717.969.9126.

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