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How Art Therapy Can Assist the Drug Rehab Process

Incorporating art therapy in your drug rehab program has many immediate and long-term benefits. Even if you don’t feel you have artistic talent, working and creating with your hands can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. With art therapy, it’s not about the finished piece. It’s about the process of creating the piece and the message the final piece reveals. The process of creating art often provides a unique outlet to explore emotions and personal themes. The finished piece often reveals personal truths you may not have recognized. Through the act of creating and the analysis of your finished piece, you can explore the many factors that have contributed to your addiction. Once you’ve identified the past issues that contributed to your addiction and the present effect addiction is having on your physical, spiritual and emotional health, you can more easily discover your personal road to recovery. You’ll also have the added benefit of being able to incorporate the skills and techniques you learned during the art therapy into your aftercare program, further supporting your life-long recovery. A key to life-long recovery is knowing how to spend your free time in a healthy way. Creating art, as you did during the art therapy in your drug rehab program, can become a productive way to spend your free time. Art therapy drug rehab is an important part of the holistic approach to recovery at The Ranch PA. Our trained art therapists will work with you, guiding you as needed. They will ensure the process doesn’t become frustrating, but remains a way to release stress and emotions. You’ll gain deeper insights into the factors that led to your addiction, how your addiction is affecting you and those you love, and how to deal with those factors in the future without sacrificing your sobriety. Art therapy is about treating you as a whole. Instead of focusing on just the addiction, it brings to light the stressors in your life that influenced and impacted your addiction. (Photo via)

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